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(s)peakeasy courses (https://www.speakeasy.courses) delivers full-funnel marketing advice you can apply today. We offer both free and paid online and IRL presentations with takeaways and homework assignments to ensure the attendee can apply what they've learned.

You should join if you would like to attend substantive events that follow a pedagogical philosophy of experiential learning that is at once fun, social and career-enhancing.

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(Free Webinar) How to Improve Your Smartphone Videos

(s)peakeasy webinars

Do you want to use more videos in your marketing but are frustrated by the quality of producing them yourself? In this one hour webinar / workshop presenter Brad Korman (Producer, Remarque Creative) will teach you how to improve video quality when filming with a smartphone. You'll immediately improve the video and audio quality of your videos making them more engaging. This is ideal for people and organizations who want to increase the amount of videos they post on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and are unsatisifed with the current quality of their recordings. DURING THIS ONE HOUR WEBINAR YOU WILL IMPROVE YOUR ABILITIES MAKING SMARTPHONE VIDEOS IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS: ** Stabilization ** Lighting ** Audio ** Framing ** Copywriting ** Editing ** Publishing ** Gear and what you really need (and what you don’t) ** Tips for on camera talent ** Production checklist The link and password will be shared with you prior to the webinar. About the presenter, Brad Korman: ************************************** (note: Read an interview with Brad at the (s)peakeasy courses website: https://www.speakeasy.courses/blog/remarque ) Brad Korman is a multifaceted filmmaker, photographer and entrepreneur. He is Co-Founder of the full service video production agency Remarque Creative who works with clients including Javits Center, Mount Sinai Hospital, and Pret A Manger. He attended Oberlin College where he studied Cinema and Photography where he was awarded a Cinema Studies Production Fellowship while managing the shooting studio and editing lab in the newly renovated Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman Cinema Studies Center for Media Education and Production.

(Free Webinar) Getting Rich SEO Results with Schema Markup

(s)peakeasy webinars

Have you ever wondered how sites get visual stars in their Google listings? Or those large company info box on the right hand side of Google search results? Or the myriad of other visually-enhanced "rich results" that seem to be increasing daily in Google? Primarily it's through schema markup, an increasingly important trend in SEO. In this webinar, Stephen Stanczak of Ondyr Marketing will show you why you should improve your SEO through Schema markup, aka structured data. RSVP to this meetup and/or RSVP on our (s)speakeasy courses zoom: http://bit.ly/Schema_Markup Schema markup can make pages with any of the following content shine in Google: - Organization - Product - Ratings - Event - Local Business ...And many more The benefits of implementing schema markup include a higher click-through-rate in most cases, more coveted space in the search results, and higher rankings in certain situations. Join Stephen in this prescriptive webinar for those seeking guidance in creating an effective strategy. You will learn the following in the webinar: - The benefits of implementing schema on your site - How to develop a plan to prepare for and implement Schema markup - The over 30 types of Schema markup that you can add to your site - Different ways to implement structured data from easy (plugin) to advanced (custom) - How to test and preview your structured data to ensure its configured correctly - Mistakes to avoid and guidelines to follow to avoid a Google penalty ***** ***** About the presenter, Stephen Stanczak: ******************************************** (note: Read an interview with Stephen at the (s)peakeasy courses website: https://www.speakeasy.courses/blog/stephen-stanczak-schema-seo ) Stephen Stanczak is the Principal and lead consultant at Ondyr, an agency providing SEO, Analytics and PPC services. He is also a President of Online Geniuses, a Slack community of 18,000+ talented marketers who support one another to skill-up and stay on top of marketing trends. Stephen has been a digital marketing pro for 10+ years, working with companies including Microsoft, General Electric and various SMBs. He holds marketing degrees from Cornell and Temple University and has spoken and mentored at organizations such as Techstars, Baruch College, Techhub NYC, SEMrush Live, New York Marketing Association, and Grand Central Tech.

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