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This event was canceled

Speed Friending ⭐ [The Original] ✓ Bummelhof (Outdoors/Indoors)

Photo of Mikula Beutl
Hosted By
Mikula B. and Rohit A.
Speed Friending ⭐ [The Original] ✓ Bummelhof (Outdoors/Indoors)


JOIN our Group NOW:

Hey guys and gals,

Speed friending is back! Are you ready to meet new people and make new friends?


Before arrival

• Bring existing friends if you have any
• IMPORTANT: Bring a pen and water.
• Location: Bummelhof

## Upon arrival

Arrive by 3:00 pm
Upon arrival

  1. Ask the organizers for the "friending package"
  2. Follow instructions from the envelope
  3. Hangout while we wait for all to arrive, around 3:30 pm we will start
  4. You have 5 minutes to talk in pairs and when the announcement sounds, you will switch partners, don't forget to write down your partner's friending number if you wish to meet them in the future.



Make sure you have filled in the details on your unique webpage so you can receive the matches! Save the link from the envelope you receive on the day of the event.

++ We will have breaks in between. ++
++ You can join latest by 4 pm and leave anytime you wish++

The event costs 5 EUR per person to cover the costs of the app and printing, paper, etc.

Photo of ⭐ Speed Friending group
⭐ Speed Friending
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