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FRIDAY AFTER WORK - Indoor/Outdoor Shaded (Bummelhof)

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Rohit A.
FRIDAY AFTER WORK - Indoor/Outdoor Shaded (Bummelhof)


Friday After Work is back!
and it's not online anymore...

This is a free event.

Friday evenings after work are all about meeting old and new friends. Have a meal and a few drinks before the real weekend fun begins. So come join us and have a laugh before we all get drunk and fall asleep!

All languages and cultures are welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

ATTENTION: Please note the restaurant/bar may collect the payment at the time of your order since there are so many people and sometimes people forget to pay. Please co-operate with them. They try to provide the best service they can for a large group. Kindly please carry cash to make payment and service easier and faster. Please support them with good reviews on Google if you like them.

Since meetups is a community there are a few things to keep in mind:

• 1) Keep any harmful or hateful content away from the Community.
This is an inclusive space for everyone and anyone who wants to be a part of the community. Any form of discrimination, dehumanization, or harassment will be met with a swift ban from all events.

• 2) Keep your information private (unless you trust the person) and respect that others would like to do the same for themselves. If someone is nice enough to share their contact information or other details about their life with you, be respectful, and keep them private! Anyone giving out information about others or their contact publicly will be banned immediately.

• 3) Kindly do not indulge in aggressive behaviour like raising your voice, following someone (stalking), forcefully asserting your opinion or yourself, or generally anything that may make someone else uncomfortable and/or is not respectful. Such behaviour will also be met with a ban from events.

Rohit (Organiser)

⭐ Speed Friending
⭐ Speed Friending
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Mariahilfer Str. 88A · Wien, Ne
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