Holmes County Trail: Fredericksburg to Millersburg/Killbuck - 19.4/31.6 miles

Holmes County Trail - Fredericksbug Trailhead

240 W Water Street Ballfield Parking Lot adjacent to Elementary School · Fredericksburg, OH

How to find us

Park in the elementary school parking lot in front of the ballfield. The trailhead is to the left of the park

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Ride Name: A ride with the Amish in Holmes County
Trail: 19 - Holmes County Trail – Fredericksburg Trailhead to Millersburg/Killbuck

Rating: Intermediate/Advanced
Ride Type: Out and Back
Distance: 19.4/31.6 miles

Today’s ride takes us to Ohio’s Amish Country on one of the most unique rail trails in the USA. The trail is two-lane; one lane for hikers and cyclists and another for Amish buggies. The trail was partially funded as a means for Amish to travel to Millersburg, the county seat, without encountering traffic on busy state highways.

The Holmes County Trail traverses farmland and is mostly shaded. We will be joined by a good bit of Amish on this ride; in buggies and carts, walking and riding bikes. One thing that is confusing is that the horse and bike trails switch sides several times. Pay attention to the paved surfaces and remember to look down quite a bit to avoid the road apples!

At about the halfway point, we will cycle into Holmesville where we will ride village streets for about ½ mile. The roads are level and maintained in decent shape. We rejoin the trail on the southern end of Holmesville and cycle across more farmland and forests on the way to Millersburgr.

You can return to the Fredericksburg trailhead for a total distance of 19.4 miles for the day. If you are up for more cycling, you can continue on to Killbuck for a total distance of 31.6 miles for the day. We will eat lunch at Millersburg Brewing's Bags Sports Bar in Downtown Millersburg at 88 Jackson Street before heading back to Fredericksburg.

The trail between Millersburg and Killbuck is quite shady after the first mile as you pass behind Wal-Mart and the shopping district on U.S. Route 62. This portion of the trail is very level and a single asphalt paved lane. There is not a dedicated lane for horses or buggies.

Out and back rides are designed with the intermediate and advanced cyclist in mind. These rides cycle out of a trailhead to a set destination, typically 8-10 miles away. After a break, the riders cycle back to the departure trailhead.

This ride travels at 10-12 mph. The ride is rated for leisure cyclists who enjoy cycling 10-12 mph on flat trails with an occasional hill or elevation gain. The trail surface is mixed with areas of both asphalt and packed limestone. It is relatively flat with some moderate elevation changes. The ride should be a comfortable ride for the intermediate cyclist.

This ride is on the calendar of the Spin-off Cyclists . We encourage you to join us on this and other rides. We are a group of cyclists of all ages and abilities who cycle the trails of Northeast Ohio and surrounding areas for fun, health and friendship.

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