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What we’re about

I want to create an environment where all of us can talk about our strange experiences of a spiritual nature without fear of being socially expelled for it. However I also want to create an environment that is kind and supportive to the human desire to figure out the truth.

Perhaps the best way to accomplish this is to keep in mind that there are experiences in the world that are transformative and that there are ways we can be tricked and that both exist at the same time. I believe there are spiritual truths and I believe there are ways we can fool ourselves.

For me personally I've had extraordinary tantric experiences that are not explained by science, I've had experiences most people would call out of body experiences. I've had experiences that meet the definition of spiritual enlightenment and bloody felt like it too! I've had experiences that feel like telepathy and I have no idea what it possible and what might be a trick of the mind, but I do not write off my experiences without good reason. I do not dismiss the interesting and unusual as the mundane and mistaken without good cause. I keep an open mind where I can.

For me personally I might not believe in crystal healing, but if you come to me telling me that blindfolded I could tell if you were holding a crystal over me or not I'd be up for trying that out.

If you want to explore and you don't mind polite and congenial disagreement coupled with friendly faces and open minds, this might just be the perfect space for you.