Harmonizing and Anchoring Star Energies Using HeartMath Techniques

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Shamir will be presenting on the main stage at Kryon Mount Shasta retreat #2 June 28-July 1, 2019. He will be facilitating this additional workshop on June 30 evening for those who want to take a deeper dive. Note: Workshop starts at 4 PM Local time (5 PM Mountain).

Online Registration: $44 USD (http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=ie66prwab&oeidk=a07efy9njg9508a7233)
At the door (if there is capacity): $50 USD Cash only (receipt will be provided after event)

About the Workshop

The healing powers of the Pleiadian star energies support transition out of your 'old' personality and into your next awakened state. Your transformational experience depends upon your willingness to let go of the past. In this workshop, you will experience the Self-Love healing energy of the Panther combined with a powerful 15-minutes/day HeartMath inspired technique for transformation. Be prepared to walk out a different personality!

Benefits of Attending this Workshop

* Experience a guided meditation to deepen your connection with the star families and anchor the spiritual gifts received,
* Learn and practice a powerful 15 minute-a-day HeartMath inspired technique that will expand your body's capacity to integrate star energies
* Conquer the fear of the unknown as you break past your 'old personality' and embrace the 'software upgrade' from your Pleiadian family
* Experience a positive shift almost immediately
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