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Distant Haling is as powerful an effective form of healing the same as one to one sessions, in some occasions it works in deeper states of consciousness as open up the awareness of how connected we all are, that time and distant are not as how we thought and it is possible to access to the zero point (0.0) Field of Infinity Possibilities.

Miguel has been working with healing and distant healing for many years, witnessing miracles in how his client dramatically change their health and points of view of life: creating peace, good health, prosperity, life propose path etc.

His clients for distant healing are around the world and they had reported amazing life changes from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

For this group session of distant healing Miguel will get access to the Zero Point (0.0) Field of Infinity Possibilities to channel the healing to everyone in this event, will be access information and frequencies of energy from the 0.0 field where everything it is possible.

Using his own method Miguel mix his experience of Reiki Master, Bioenergy, Reconnective and quantum healing to access to this field of healing where all is LOVE and will channel this energy to YOU.


*in your bedroom, living room, sofa, office etc. wherever you are on 23th feb. at 9am

What you have to do???

1. RSVP for this event

2. Lie down on your bed (sofa or sit on a chair) from 9am to 9:30am

(If you are sleeping at that time, or busy outside home, you still will receive the benefits just you may not feel the sensations as if you are awake in a quiet place)

3. Do nothing while you are lie down.

4. KNOWING that is your birth right to be HEAL, TO BE IN GOOD HEALTH, TO BE AT JOY, TO BE AT PEACE, TO BE LOVE.

5. To recognise that YOU DESERVE ALL THE GOOD OF THIS UNIVERSE & to take it!

6. To recognise that ALL IS POSSIBLE.

7. TAKE IT EASY just lie down and Enjoy!!

** It is necessary to RSVP for this healing in order to receive the healing**

In Loving Service,


About the Facilitator:

Miguel was brought to life in a spiritual healing temple in Mexico surrounded by shamans and healers where he spent the first 11 years of his life. This experience gave him a deep insight and understanding of the nature of healing which he has developed in several techniques throughout 20 years of practice.

Miguel moved to London since 2001, where he continue practicing healing and after a vast and enriching exploration, he found the amazing healing techniques of Reiki, Bionergy and Reconnective Healing.

Miguel trained as Reiki Master and Teacher, Massage therapist, Bio Energy therapist and facilitates workshops and courses in Reiki, well being, Law of Attraction and Meditation in London, Europe and America helping lots of clients and students around the world.