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This is a group for people that are Polyamorous and that identify as Spiritual, as well as, Spiritual people that have a Sex Positive/Love-Centric outlook.

We believe that these are all names for Polyamory:


Ethical Non-Monogamy

Ethical Swinging

Open Honest Relationships

Meaningful Multi-Partner Relationships Swinging with Emotional Connections.

(Categories taken from and paraphrased)

They are all based in love...and so is spirituality, therefore the two go hand in hand.

We will do activities together, play games together(Cards Against Humanity anyone?), have weekend gatherings and retreats, talk about all types of poly matters, do a bit of spiritual investigation, alot of bonding... and have alot of fun!

The spiritual events will use The Angel Source Method. The Poly events will mostly be nonsexual, but we wont stop you. ;-)

If you are all about love and fun then you are in the right place! :-D

Have fun!!!!
Hugs and Love! <3

Ted and DeLaine

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