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Meet and greet with cake!

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The Skylight Centre

49 Corsica Street London N5 1JT (Highbury & Islington tube) · London

How to find us

Nearest Tube Station is Highbury & Islington. Come out of station cross over towards Barclays bank and head towards Marie Curie shop. Corsica St is 1st road on your left. Keep walking down Corsica St. The Skylight Center is on the left.

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I know this group hasn't had a Meetup in a while but there are lots of incredible people here and I think we should continue with the momentum if we can.

Prior to taking over the organiser role of this group, I just set up a Meetup that I would like to extend to you so we can get the energy rolling again.

Brief intro: Above all else I am a Lightworker. I am a psychologist and motivational spiritual coach, a student of A Course In Miracles and the Kyballion who has studied and incorporates numerous modalities including Angel Therapy, Crystal Healing, Meditation and Numerology as part of my Energy practice. I offer dynamic spiritually based workshops, talks and meditations designed to challenge you to go on your own journey. Being scientifically trained my specialist areas are Authentic Communication and teaching the Art of Self Kindness.

I see my role is simply to create, structure and assist you along your path by offering straight forward, easy to understand clear insights about how to connect with your own Inner Wisdom. My spiritual gift is Communication in every sense of the word. I write and talk to people all day from my Heart. The Heart center is where Love resides and it is this that connects us all.

I can't actually teach you anything because you are your own Guru!

You already know everything you need to know to live a spiritually rich, nourishing, blissful and Peacefilled life bursting with Loving Energy. As a Lightworker all I can and want to do is illuminate the path so you can remember for yourself the answer to the Trinity of Questions: Who Am I? What Am I? Where do I come from?

That's it!

Sound Scary??? Nah!!! Lol.


This particular Meetup is an opportunity for me to introduce myself and get to know you informally. Honest communication creates understanding and I'd like to learn what it is you want from your spiritual journey and how my unique perspective, insights and experience which is based on Science, Spirit, Psychology and the practice of Love and honesty can assist this process.

"Meeting other people who share your desire to know and experience more Awareness and Truth is the easiest way to walk the spiritual path.

So let's do it with cake!" JLA

The evening will start with a cuppa and a meet and greet. I appreciate that London life is rush rush rush and that some of you may be coming from work or busy homes so I'd like to give you the space to relax, take your coat off, unwind a little and mingle with other people.

Once settled I will guide us through a wonderful short breathing exercise designed to quieten our minds, relax our bodies and focus our energies. Mind, body and Spirit working together :-).

I will then give a short talk about Metaphysics which is basically the marriage of physics and Spirituality with some additional insights on how this understanding changed my life and how I'd like to share what I've learned with you. I also want to know what you are seeking. What you would like to learn from me.

Q & A discussion will follow whereby you can share your own wisdom, knowledge and insights with me and each other.

I'll round the evening off with a positive short meditation to uplift your spirits as you make your way home.

*** Don't worry if you can't make it for 6.30 this is just to give you time to say "Hi", have a cuppa and some cake! The meditation itself will start at 7.15. :-) ***