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What we’re about

You are a spirit with a body, and not a body with a spirit. You may be in the physical world, but not of it. This Meetup is for people of all backgrounds and beliefs. It's for anyone who knows or feels there is more than just their physical world and existence. They are not, however, looking for outer dogmas or other's beliefs. They have a sense from within, or want to clarify their spiritul being, their connection, and how to make this useful (to help themselves and others).

This is a series of practical spiritual development meetings to unfold the good, kind loving being you are. It's going beyond the intellectual information to knowing or feeling this from within. The more you know and do what you are here to do, the more you have a sense of fulfillment.

This Meetup is associated with similar Meetups being held in a many cites. This includes related Meetups in Dublin, such as the Intuitive Development Meetup - i.e. unfolding the intuitive abilities is the key to inner or spiritual communication.

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