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Dating Success for Spiritually Awakening Men

As a spiritually aware man (who’s into women), you probably have a range of mixed and conflicting thoughts, feelings, and desires around the women you find attractive.

The most basic feeling, when you see such a woman, is that you’re attracted to her. All the mantras, meditations, and sun salutations in the world won’t change that--if you’re a guy who’s into women, when a woman you’re attracted to crosses your path, you’re going to notice that.

Yet, when this happens, you may have a host of other thoughts and emotions that go along with your initial attraction:

“If I’m sexually attracted to her, does that mean I’m objectifying her?”

You don’t want to objectify her, but the fact is, you’ve never even met her, you don’t know anything about her besides the way she looks, and you’re responding to her strongly across the dance floor or the bar or party or street - so isn’t that a form of objectifying?

“How can I talk to her and find out more about her, without making her feel uncomfortable?”

“Doesn’t she probably get guys hitting on her all day?” - You don’t want to be just one more guy bothering her and hitting on her, especially in a way that makes her feel uncomfortable, or unsafe

“Would she even go for a guy like me?” - Sensitive guys have often seen women go for “tougher,” more “macho” guys - and develop a bit of a “complex” around not feeling like they’re “man” enough to be attractive to the women they desire.

I specialize in helping spiritually conscious men face questions like these and succeed in dating - because this is exactly the kind of man I like to date myself!

In fact, I want a man who is asking himself all these questions!

“What?!” you ask! “The fact that I’m asking myself all these questions around women is actually attractive to you?”

Yes. Because it means that you care.

It means that you care that she’s not just a image or a look to you.

It means that you care that she’s a real person--with her own feelings, desires, experience, and agenda around meeting new men.

It means that you care about her boundaries, that you don’t want to cross them or make her feel unsafe. That you care about her comfort.

These things are all huge turn-ons to me. Why would I even want to date a man who doesn’t care about these things?

Yet, you probably have a lot of wounding around the fact that you ask these more sensitive, self-inquiring questions when you see or meet a woman you desire.

You’ve probably seen the guys who don’t ask these questions of themselves--the guys who just jump in impulsively and even aggressively when they see a woman they’re attracted to--get women’s phone numbers, dates, and even have sex with them.

And it leaves you wondering:

Why do the more “sensitive” guys like myself end up alone on weekend nights?

Don’t women say they want more “sensitivity” in men? I’ve got it, in spades--why isn’t it working for me?

Do I need to just become one of those aggressive, pushy alpha men in order to get women’s attention?

I can understand why you ask yourself these things - all my clients ask themselves these questions.

But I’m here to tell you that, no, you don’t need to give up this beautiful, caring, respectful side of yourself, or to adopt some fake alpha persona, to gain the attention and appreciation of women.

In fact, women are eager to find a man with your sensitive awareness - in fact, thirsty, yearning and craving it.

“If that’s true, Chanelle, then why do I have zero dates with women in my calendar right now? Why am I finding it so hard to get any woman to pay attention to me?”

The reason is, women also want a man who is confident…

And society has not given you a lot of reason to be confident about your sensitivity or your spiritual gifts.

Put bluntly, society doesn’t value sensitivity in people--and it especially doesn’t value it in men, who are supposed to be “Men of Steel,” like Superman!

You’ve probably been bullied for being sensitive. Certainly by other boys as you were growing up.

And a surprising number of my male clients have been bullied by girls when they were growing up.

The typical “sensitive boy” usually has far less social status than the alpha “popular girls” at school, and very often, those girls turn into “Mean Girls”--like the movie--towards boys they think are weak or wimpy. Especially if those boys deign to feel or express any attraction to them.

This is a double wound for a boy or a young man, because not only are they getting teased and bullied, which is painful in itself - but they’re further getting teased and bullied about the fact that they’re getting teased and bullied by girls, making them to be total rejects and losers by the sexist rules of the jungle on the playground.

Does this sound like your experience at all?

If it is, I want to talk with you.

I want you to know that you’re not alone.

I want you to know that women see you. I see you.

There are women out there looking for you. They are so ready for you.

You just need to do a bit of “clearing” from all this past “gunk” that has accumulated from your negative experiences of being a sensitive, spiritual guy in a world designed to suppress and reject you.

In X weeks, I’m hosting a special, discreet Meetup for men just like you. I want you to be in a space where you won’t feel alone.

Where you’ll feel respected, validated, and seen for you who you are.

In this Meetup, we’re going to create a welcoming environment where you can talk openly--perhaps for the first time ever, with other men, and with a woman facilitator-- about how you’ve been hurt in the past - especially by women judging you.

Then, we’re going to do a special exercise I’ve been developing for years, that will help you recover the part of yourself you lost in those experience.

This will help you come into wholeness and regain your power.

It will also help you get in touch with shadow aspects of yourself that you’ve disowned. We all have access to all archetypes, but sometimes they’re dormant or in the shadows.

Probably the archetypes that project more power and confidence into the world have been pushed underground and relegated to your shadows.

I help you as a man go in and find parts of yourself that you’ve disowned.

I’m here to help you see your sensitive and spiritual awareness as a gift.

I’m here to help you see these as a huge potential source of attraction in your life.

If you just get over the parts of yourself that see this as a liability, you will approach women with a whole new freshness and confidence. And with this confidence, your sensitivity will be a huge plus, not the liability you’ve seen it as in the past.

Are you ready for a new chapter in your dating life and your relations with women, as a proudly sensitive, spiritually-aware man?

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