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Deep Level Healing and Manifestation Meditation

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Deep Level Healing and Manifestation Meditation

Before arriving to this meetup, I'd like you to do two things.


Choose one desire - just one.

The one thing you'd like to manifest into your life over all other desires... something you KNOW you deserve to have come to you!


Print out 10 small images.

The images can be of family members, friends, work colleagues, World leaders, historic figures as well as non-human intelligences, such as, trees, Mother Earth, animals, ET, places, corporations, anyone and anything...

Make the images small enough so all 10 can fit on an A4 page, and you can choose to print them in black and white or full colour. Also, be sure to cut them out before arriving.

Note: the images DO NOT relate to your desire, they relate to the healing aspect of this meditation, so they should relate to people (who need healing, who you have fallen out with, desire closure with etc, who we dislike, who we think are bullies), animals (not just your own pets, but images of starving animals, endangered or extinct animals), politicians (corrupt/assassinated/dictators), non-human intelligences (Mother Earth, ET, trees etc), places (landfills, ghettos, the Berlin wall, prisons), corporations (like Monsanto, oil companies, banks)... there should also be at least one image of you as a child or at a time period when you experienced a difficulty in your life

This is going to be an unmissable evening...

Healing and manifestation go hand-in-hand, especially concerning forgiveness, so be prepared to experience a powerful healing experience that could lead to the swift manifestation of your desire!

Love and Happiness