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geekSPARK hack session: Digital Motion Showcase

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In addition to our normal "Software Project Night", Justis Peters will join us this week to discuss the geekSPARK Digital Motion Showcase. Have you ever wanted to wow the public, your friends, and your family with the technology magic that you can conjure? This is your chance to do that in a big way :)

Each September, the geekSPARK ( crew puts on the Digital Motion Showcase, which IndyWeek called a "DIY Epcot Attraction" ( In 2011, many of the contributors to the Digital Motion Showcase were members of SplatSpace and have since become regular attendees at the Software Sunday event. So, we're bringing the first brainstorming session and hack session straight to Software Sunday.

This will become a regular series, with monthly hack sessions in both Raleigh and Durham. If you are interested in exhibiting, please show up this Sunday so that we can begin discussing ideas and figuring out what sort of space we will need for the exhibit.

There is a decent chance that we'll put our hands on some real code, too, possibly looking over source code from exhibits displayed in last year's showcase.

All skill levels and talents are welcome. We were highly inclusive last year and would like to continue with that this year. The primary criteria for exhibiting something at geekSPARK 2012 is your participation. If you come out regularly and work on projects with us, we will find some excuse to put your name on the wall beside the exhibits to which you contributed.

Are you all ideas and no tech skills? That's OK, too :) We have had a few folks with the converse mix who are begging for ideas. Please come with all your wild ideas and bounce them off of us. A few of us may actually know how to make them real.

Lastly, this is *still* Software Project Night and that cannot be totally co-opted by the geekSPARK folks. As always, any software project and any question is welcome at Software Project Night. Even if you're not into the idea of public exhibitions of technology, you are still welcome to show up and hack on stuff in the same room as us.

We hope to see you then!


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