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Come Play Water Volleyball
Hi Everyone! Please come join us for a wonderful game of water volleyball! Guaranteed fun for all!! We play rain or shine, as the pool is enclosed by a special room that retracts as needed. When it is cool out, the water gets heated, so no worries about the outdoor temperature. When it's hot, we actually turn a fan on. We've got all possibilities covered!!! Please bring: swimsuit, towel, and sunglasses. Optional: hat, water shoes, a healthy treat to share. (I have some extra water shoes in case you want to borrow a pair.) Looking forward to sharing the game with you! Hope to see you soon! Phyllis _______________________________________ FOR NEW PEOPLE: I have a new EcoSmarte cleaning system so we don't have to rely on chlorine to clean the pool. However my pool-cleaning company has asked me to ask a few simple things of you, to help keep the pool clean: 1. Please come over clean (as opposed to use the pool to "get clean.") If you've been out and about and are all sweaty, I have an "outdoor"/indoor shower here where you can clean up. [Please use the shower for this purpose only, and do your best to limit it to 3 minutes. Please DON'T use the facilities "like your spa"... where you spend a long time showering, washing and blow drying your hair. We have had people do that and it just doesn't work; and ties up the bathroom way too long. The shower is for before the game if you need to clean up, not after the game, please. Thanks for understanding. 2. We won't need sunscreen in the summer months, since there are UV panels overhead that keep the sun's rays out. If you feel you have to put on sunscreen, put on a light layer at home, at least a half hour before you come. Please no "lathering up" and then jumping in the pool, since the product will run right off into the pool, and make the new system less effective. It's probably best to not use it at all. You really won't need it with the UV panels. 3. Please don't wear makeup or cologne... as that's more "stuff" that goes into the water. The purpose is to give us all the cleanest water possible, with the minimum amount of chemicals. Thanks for understanding! 4. For women with long hair, please tie your hair up, as lots of strands of long hair tend to wind up in the pool. It really helps when you do this. Here's what to expect during the meeting: We play from 3 pm to 6:30 (ish) pm, (we have been known to go until 7 pm on occasion), then come inside for a bit to socialize and share healthy snacks. You can take bathroom or rest breaks during the game as much as you need to do. If you need to arrive late, or leave early, that's okay. Just know that we enjoy having you stay for the socializing part at the end :-) We play with a light ball, so you can't get hurt. We don't keep score, but it's a challenge to keep the ball up in the air. That's the goal of the game. So, you can hit the ball off the wall, off the net, off someone's head.. and even more than once if you have to. The idea is to hit it TO someone, not AWAY from them. We don't want people to miss, we want them to hit it (thus, fulfilling the goal of "keeping the ball in the air.") We have fun music playing in the background, and you're welcome to dance around while waiting for the ball :-) It's really about good, clean fun (no drinking or smoking please).. and we all have a blast. Come and check it out. You will really enjoy yourself! Again, there is a room over the pool in the cooler weather, and it can be opened in the summer months... so we are able to play all year round. There are two bathrooms (one in the house and one by the pool) in which you can change. Hope you'll be joining us!

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