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Welcome to the OPEN group of Sporty People @ Meetup for Spaniards, Expats and visitors alike :) You can post any plan and find other people to join you. You can also sign up for activities organized by other members. And then, of course, you should come to our Sporty People organized day outings ans trips, which are always off the beaten path, authentic and exclusively for our Meetup community. Very special and always great value! You'll recognize our events becuse you'll see our sneaker logo among the attendees. DOG'S WELCOME!!

ou may be looking for a tennis partner, hiking buddies, a ski trip, or someone to go to the stadium next Sunday to watch your football team play. It doesn't matter what you're into, your nationality, your shape or your age. We like sport and we like variety, so go ahead and suggest anything you have in mind!

Here you will find internationally minded people who love for sports, the outdoors and meeting active, fun and interesting people.

However, if you want to organize any activity for your family, friends, business, school, etc ... check the 'CUSTOM MADE' tab at our website http://www.sportypeople.es and tell us what you'd like!

Tell your contacts to join Sporty, share it on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/groups/116136381781180/).


Bienvenido al grupo ABIERTO de Sporty People @ Meetup para españoles, residentes extranjeros y visitantes! Puedes programar cualquier actividad qué quieras en la página principal del grupo, y también puedes apuntarte a las actividades organizadas por otros miembros. exclusivamente para nuestra comunidad en Meetup. Pero por supuesto, no dejes de venir a las salidas y viajes organizados por nosotros, planes muy especiales, auténticos y fuera de los circuitos comerciales que no encontrarás en otros sitios. Cuando veas la zapatilla de nuestro logo entre los asistentes a una actividad, es porque se trata de un evento organizado por nosotros. PERROS BIENVENIDOS!

Puede que busques pareja de tenis, compañeros de senderismo, un viaje de ski o quizá quieres ver jugar a tu equipo el próximo domingo. No importa cuál sea tu afición, tu forma física, tu nacionalidad o tu edad, nos gusta el deporte y nos gusta la variedad, así que adelante, propón lo que quieras!

Aquí encontrarás a personas de mentalidad internacional, de todas las procedencias y edades que comparten su interés por el deporte, la naturaleza, y el conocer a gente activa, divertida e interesante.

Si deseas que organicemos cualquier actividad para tu famila, amigos, empresa, escuela, etc... entra en la pestaña 'CUSTOM MADE' de nuestra web y cuéntanos tu idea! www.sportypeople.es (http://www.sportypeople.es/)

Anima a tus contactos a unirse a Sporty, compártelo en Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/groups/116136381781180/).

¿Cuáles son tus aficiones? - What are you into?

Ala delta - Delta

Alpinismo - Mountaneering

Artes marciales - Martial Arts

Atletismo - Athletics

Baile de cualquier tipo - Dance

Baloncesto - Basketball

Balonmano - Handball

Billar - Pool/Billiards


Boxeo - Boxing



Ciclismo - Cycling



Dardos - Darts

Esgrima - Fencing

Espeleología - Espeleology

Esquí - Ski

Equitación - Horseback riding

Fútbol - Soccer

Fútbol playa - Beach soccer

Fútbol sala - Indoor soccer

Gimnasio - Gym


Hóckey sobre patines - Rollerskate hockey

Hóckey sobre herba - Field hockey

Hóckey sobre hielo - Ice hockey






Lucha - Wrestling

Motociclismo - Motorcycling


Natación - Swimming

Orientación - Orientation

Paracaidismo - Parachuting

Parapente - Paragliding



Patinaje - Skating


Piragüismo - Kayaking


Senderismo - Hiking






Tenis - Tennis


Vela - Sailing


Volley playa - Beach Volley




Próximos eventos (5+)

Running in El Retiro TUESDAYS

In the park up the ramp outside the underpass tunnel leading from the Retiro Metro Station, Madrid

We meet at 8:00pm and run 2 laps around Retiro park. The meeting spot is just inside the park, up the ramp from the Retiro metro tunnel. We usually wait about 10 minutes and then go -- we run counter-clockwise so if you are late you can try to meet us along the path. See you!

Running in El Retiro TUESDAYS

In the park up the ramp outside the underpass tunnel leading from the Retiro Metro Station, Madrid

We meet at 8:00pm and run 2 laps around Retiro park. The meeting spot is just inside the park, up the ramp from the Retiro metro tunnel. We usually wait about 10 minutes and then go -- we run counter-clockwise so if you are late you can try to meet us along the path. See you!


Avenida De América Exchanger

50,00 €

SPOTS LIMITED to 50 people - 50€ is the reservation deposit, deductible from final payment. We're spending a ski and snowobard weekend only 1,5h from Madrid, in La Pinilla, sleeping in a country albergue-style accommodation only for our group, ski pass for the two days, transport to the slopes from the lodge included as well as all meals (except lunch which everyone can pick a sandwich or a hot dish at the resort's cafeteria) and a really cool atmosphere with byo alcohol drinks if you wish! Rental gear and lessons optional! THE DOMAIN La Pinilla is a very pretty, Switzerland looking sort of resort, very small but with lots of trees and lots of off piste also for those backcountry skiing lovers (on those years that there is a lot of snow). If there's not a lot of snow, there will be still enough to kill the munchies for experts, and definitely more than enough for beginners! There are three sectors well differentiated, served by 3 chair lifts, 1 cable car, 5 teleskis and 2 baby run rubber belts for begginers and a baby run begginer teleski. There are a total of 13 red runs, 9 blue runs, 4 green runs and looots of space in between some of them to go from one to the other, so it actually multiplies the available room to ride :) THE LODGING Balcón de Val is al albergue-style lodge with rooms ranging from 2 to 9 people, some with bathroom, some with shared bathrooms. We don't make you pay more for the smaller ones wth bathroom, but, on the other hand, we can't guarantee the room you'll be sleeping in, it could be any of them. It'll be organized depending on the final configuration and needs of the group. The place is really cool, with a lot of outdoor space, a big living room with fussball, table tennis, etc and even a disco, all just for us! You can bring any alcohol you wish for the evening, and soft drinks etc to mix them with. THE MEALS Breakfast and dinner is included. Lunch you can buy yourself something on the slopes. The lodging is right in the old town of Cerezo de Abajo so just a quick walk to the supermarket to make ourself a sandwich if you prefer to bring a packed lunch, or go for a coffee and churros for a mid afternoon merienda! HOW TO GET THERE The bus to Cerezo de Abajo is a mere 8€ return trip from Avenida de América, and you can buy it from this site https://www.aisa-grupo.com/es/ Please note we reccommend you catch the 4:30 bus that gets there at 6pm. Although, if you can't, there's another one at night, at 21:00 HOW TO GET AROUND Our private bus will go up and down slopes-lodge every hour from 8:00 am to 2 pm and from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. If there's a special need or a few people together that wish to go down or up in between these hours, and it fits the bus schedule, it could be arranged too, but it's not guaranteed. PRICE AND WHAT'S INCLUDED Total 225€ - Lodging 2 nights - Breakfast and dinner 2 days - Private transport slopes-lodge running all day - Ski pass 2 days - Ski insurance - Trip leader Optional discounted prices - Ski rental 30€ (for the two days) - 6h Ski/Snowboard course (3h/day for 2 days) 50€


40€ Special Sporty People price! (Cost is 59€ regular price) It includes 2h class with instructor + clothing + ski/poles/boots (or board/boots) SnowZone is a state of the art indoor ski area to learn to ski and snowboard without worrying about the weather or if there's enough slopes. It's the perfect first step if you've never tried it nd wish to get acquainted before you actually commit to joining one of our ski trips during the season! Everything is included, from the clothes (bring your own gloves, for hygiene reasons they don't onclude this item but they sell them there for 6€ if you wish) + the skis or board and boots and helmets. You'll be able to try and see whether this sport is for you and then take the leap and go for a weekend out in the mountains or a longer ski holiday anytime! HOW TO GET THERE You need to be there by 11:30 maximum in order to get changed, get your gear and make it on time for the ski class!. Don't miss the 11 am bus beause there are no more buses and you can't get a refund! BY BUS: Take the 11 am #547 bus from from Intercambiador Príncipe Pío, get off at Parada Hospital Móstoles (just ask the driver where to stop for Xanadú, it's the name of the shopping center that SnowZone is in) Walk to the entrance https://goo.gl/maps/SAzkJ7q3gX95kdFH8 By car https://goo.gl/maps/SAzkJ7q3gX95kdFH8 ONCE THERE Say your name and that you're part of the Sporty People group and that you're there for the ski or snowboard course at 12. Also ask to buy gloves if you haven't brought any APRESKI FOOD We'll be going to one of the shopping center's restaurants (final place TBD) for lunch and to meet each other better!

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Mill Bridge Ecological Fruits of the Forest

15,00 €

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