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Price: €240.00

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These are going to be an amazing three days on the June long weekend holiday. Rafting, Canyoning, sleeping on the foot of the beautiful Ordesa National Park, in the Pyrenees, dining in the little romanic town of Torla... It's going to be pure felicidad.

Super great trip with a super great value, because every element is handpicked.

My number for any questions via telephone/whatsapp[masked]. My email: [masked]

I talked to a professional club to specially craft for Sporty two days of rafting and canyoning.

Not family-trip lame, not expert-level heartstopping. Just the perfect mix of thrill and duration, to give us a ride that will fulfill our need for water, adventure and beautiful landscapes for a while :)

We'll be rafting a stretch (level 3-4) of the world famous Ara river, perfect for healthy sporty beginners and also for more experienced rafters. It's suited for everybody except children or people who are not used to practise regular sports in the outdoors like hiking, swimming, etc.

The next day we'll be descending a gorgeous canyon on the river : caves, jumps, descents on ropes... this is a level 1 canyon. Which doesn't mean level 1 fun or beauty, it only means that the jumps are lower (no crazy high jumps) and you can choose to go down with a rope or through land at any time.

And at night, we'll be staying on a bungalow on the foot of the Ordesa National Park, just beautiful :) The town is called Torla, a I century charming frontier town (1076 aD) which has been witness to countless battles and which boasts and great deal of romanic ruins.


Take off from Madrid, headed for Huesca and then to the little town of Torla, right at the foot of the Pyrenees and the Ordesa National Park.

We'll share cars and gas money.

We'll be staying at a stone albergue, on a green grassy valley surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Pyrenees, at the entrance of the National Park.


After getting our gear ready and a thorough How-to explanation, the descent begins in the river canyon, between Torla and Broto, impressive views of the Ordesa National Park mountains behind us. This part is the most adrenalitic. We'll then stop at a quieter part of the river, around Broto, for lunch, pictures, catching our breath, ... :)

We'll then go on to the next stretch of the river, from Broto to El Fiscal, where the river waters become calmer as we go downstream. The landscape just couldn't be more beautiful.

Time: 9:30 to 16:00
Difficulty: III+, IV (on a scale of V)


The activity starts in Escalona, 40km from Torla, our base. We'll be given our gear and a briefing where we'll learn all there is to learn, to make sure we have a fun and safe day.

We'll start with about an hour's walk through the white caves magically lit by the sunbeams passing trough the walls. The water is crystal clear.

From there we'll start going down the canyon, using all means: sliding, jumping, walking or rappeling with ropes. Of course with the supervision and help of the guides at all times. We'll stop halfway for lunch and then continue through shallow, calmer waters until we reach the end of the route.

Time 9:00 to 17:00

Level: I (From I to 3)

PRICE 240€

Reservation deposit 50€ due by June 1st


- 3 nights lodging (4 people per room w/ ensuite bathroom)

- 3 days breakfast

- 2 days lunch

- Rafting full day Friday including all personal gear + guides

- Canyoning full day Saturday including all pesonal gear + guides

- Liability and accident insurance

Not included

- Dinners (they will be inexpensive as we'll go to any of the cute bars in town and order a full load of tasty Pyrenees "raciones" to share and pitchers of beer and wine)

- Transport: We'll share cars (and gas money) to and from Madrid and to move between Torla and the activities


- Swimsuit

- Towel

- A couple warm fleece or sweatshirts

- A windbreaker (better if water resistant)

- Sneakers that you don't mind getting wet

- Another pair of sneakers or boots for the evenings

- Sleeping bag or over-sheet (the beds come with the undersheet and pillow cover as well as warm woolly covers)