Learning to sail in Historical beautiful Cádiz + Feria de Jerez - 15-19 May

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This Madrid's San Isidro bank holiday trip is a fantastic and unforgettable time in the wildest and best preserved urban beach in the south coast of Spain that includes some of the most gorgeous and interesting cultural, historical (oldest city in the western world, 3.000 years of documented History) and laid back spots in Europe. And, if that wasn't enough, this year it even coincides with the Feria de Jerez, to experience a true Andalusian feria, in my personal opinion, the best one! It'll be a real authentic experience and not the tourist visit! I suggest cool plans and you decide what tickles your interest each day, completely as you wish, there will be no obligatory or preorganized activities!


The courses are organized by levels, so perfect both for those who already have done previous sailing, as well as 100% total beginners! We'll be doing a catamaran sailing course (just wind, no motor), two people per boat :)


The Feria de Jerez is going on on these partiuclar dates, what can be cooler than spending the day sailing and the evening on the feria!! Trains to the Feria run all day long and a shared taxi to come back late at night won't cost more than 10-15€ per person

The rest of the days you can either take it easy after the sailing class and have lunch and a little swim on the beach (or food and a siesta at home) and then go somewhere aferwards. Or take off right away from the sailing school at 2 and spend the whole afternoon out in the city or elsewhere, there are buses running to most towns and, but if you have a car, then it's even easier to get to the cooler off the beaten path beaches (car is strongly recommended) .

I personally prepare a ton of different sort of plans to do every afternoon/evening and they all involve several of the following elements and always the not-for-tourists sort:

• Beaches Cádiz has neverending beaches, from the ones with chiringuitos, lifeguards and waterports to wild ones with only sand dunes and crystal clear water (my favourites). Some easy to reach and some others after a walk. Some with waves, some flat as a pool. I'll take you to all the amazing ones.

• Towns There are beautiful beach towns like Vejer or Sanlúcar, but Cádiz is not only the coast. If it's too windy for the beach, or if simply you feel like a mountain pueblos blancos road trip, we'll head inland for beautiful postcard like white towns and great food.

• Culture (flamenco dancing, music gigs, visits to archaeological or historical places, city corners...anything that I think you'll enjoy)

• Traditions (I check the week's local agenda to see if there's any special thing going on that I think you'll love like a feria, a tall ships gala, a street event, etc)

• Food (Every plan will ALWAYS include eating out somewhere that I consider interesting either for the type of food or for the place itself)

• Drink Same as above, wine and beer accompany us throughout this week, sailors don't drink water! :)

• Sport While not strenous, we'll make possible to take a surf lesson or take a hike or try out scuba diving or a million other things (see above 'other sports' section) for those that want it, including it on the general day's plan, and making sure those who prefer not to, can just lay on the beach or do something else meanwhile.

• Dance Whether is an unplanned party going on in one of the chiringuitos on the beach, a night out in town, or a flamenco intro lesson. If you're up for dancing, we'll do it!

• Relax Yes, relax, that's the key word. Nothing is obligatory, nothing is forced, everyone can choose whether they'd like to come or not that day or if they want to do or not the proposed plan. Of course, the more active and open to everything you are, the most fun you'll have and the better travel mate you'll be.


For meals I'll give you suggestions so you can decide whether you want to do it or make your own plan (including cooking at home!). The food here is delicious, fresh, and very particular from this region, you're going to have your mouth water if you're into trying everything and, in a nutshell, you love eating good and a lot.

Some of the places are interesting for its setting, its history, some gastronomic specialty they have or a combination of them. We also wash everyday down with good local white wine and liquor, so this is the place if you like your drinks too! You should count anything from 17 to 25€ per meal in general, although we may reserve in one or two more expensive ones, where it could be more like 35€, but I'd consult with you before reserving those.


The accommodating will be sharing an apartment in Cádiz, either in the new part (closer to the beach) or in the historical center. Usually rooms are shared on a 2 to 3 people per room basis, but sometimes there will be single rooms (for a supplement)

Check pics from recent sailing course trips HERE (http://www.meetup.com/sportypeople/photos/16103972/)

and HERE TOO (http://www.meetup.com/sportypeople/photos/16949832/)


We're going to my hometown, one of the prettiest spots in coastal Spain: Cádiz, the oldest city in the western world 3.000 years of History! It's also the port where Columbus parted from on his 2nd and 3rd trips.

The old town is beautiful and its architectural style is very partiuclar and different from anywhere else in Spain, reminiscing of the 1700 and 1800's. A city built looking to the ocean, watching the tall ships come back from the Americas.

The beaches, all four of them, run along the lengh of the city: La Victoria, the main stretch, where all the beach bars and restaurants are located. Santa María del Mar (where the house is located), a round shallow beach that looks like a lagoon, perfect for a drink and dining, with beautiful sunsets and lots of surfers. Cortadura, a wild paradise, 200 m wide sandy beach to get lost among sand dunes and two of the coolest beach bars. Not even in August will you find to many people here. And La Caleta is a photographer's dream, in the old city, with its calm waters, little fishing dinghies, flanked by two castles, and the old balnear station where Halle Berry seduced James Bond on her orange bikini in Die Another Day :)


Jerez Feria and old town filled with wineries (although the Feria is THE place to be on these dates)

The Cádiz province has an amazing array of wild beaches and towns : Sancti Petri, Roche, Conil, El Palmar, Barbate, Zahara de los Atunes, Caños de Meca, Zahora, Vejer, Bolonia, Tarifa... And the mountain towns inland, called 'Los pueblos blancos' like Arcos de la Frontera, Grazalema or the very special Setenil de las Bodegas.

The motor catamarán across the Bay takes us to Puerto de Santa María for a seafood and wineries tour and some cool drinking out places as well as a pretty old town in the center. Also worth is a visit to Sanlúcar de Barrameda and its Manzanilla wineries followed by a beer and langostinos watching the sunset over Doñana National Park, just across the river entering the ocean


If you have any doubts, please whatsapp[masked] or email [masked]

Price 390€


• Sailing course - small groups with instructor

• One catamaran per each two people

• Appartment for 4 nights on a double/triple room basis close to the beach

• All sorts of cool tips for afternoon plans

• Local leader (me) to give you tips to the good places off the beaten path

• Standard level catamaran diploma (you can show it at any school)

• Sporty People insurance


• By private cars (leave a message with your car spot availability on the wall)

• By Bla Bla Car (www.blablacar.com)

• By bus (http://www.socibus.es/html/index.php),

• By train (http://www.renfe.com/), (train prices vary depending on offers).

• By plane If you're coming from another country, find a flight to Jerez or Sevilla and then take a shuttle to Cádiz (If flying to Sevilla, you should take a train/bus straight to Cádiz, it'll save you lots of money)