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Weekly doing - now on Tuesdays! - FYI : Attendance may be minimal for this one

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Sometimes, stuff happens on Tuesdays and we all figure out ahead of time 'hey, I'm not going to Squidwrench either this week"

Well, this is one of those weeks. Thor, Loki, and I won't be there.... Mike might, he's not sure.... so I wanted to give everyone a head's up that it might be a ghost town. But then again, it might not be. We never know.

What is a Squidwrench weekly doing? It is our weekly meeting where you, the meeting-goer, bring a project you are currently working on, or interested in, researching, and you do/learn about/create/teach others/etc said project in the company of others. Pretty much, it's the tinkering you would be doing at home on your own, but now you're out doing it socially. Don't have a project? Come anyway!