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We bring you events that help you expand your network and develop your small business or startup. Take time this Wednesday evening to connect with like-minded people, and learn from our panel of experts.

The panel will share insights on how to use simple and practical strategies to build your business through the power of copywriting. You're in for a special treat as you'll discover unique insights from fellow practitioners via an interactive question and answer format.

This is a unique experience well worth attending. The panelists are serious professionals who have taken time off their busy schedules to contribute to the small business community.

This informal session is from 7.00pm to 8.30pm.

Do arrive around fifteen minutes early to mingle with the speakers and fellow early-birds!

To maximise participants' enjoyment, kindly:-

- Bring sufficient name cards, at least 20, for purpose of exchange

- Have your dinner nearby before arriving

- Relax, be your curious self, and enjoy!

For further clarifications or queries, feel free to contact Thomas @[masked].

“No man is an island, entire of itself;
every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main."
-- John Donne

** Registration Fee is S$10/-**

About the Panelists

Mark Jonathan Seet (, Copywriter & Public Speaker

Jonathan (as he prefers to be called) is a freelance copywriter and public speakers. After being in the financial services track, he chose to learn from 3 mentors in business and marketing to get to where he is today.

Today, Jonathan's passion is helping fellow freelances communicate their expertise effectively to prospect and clients. He strives for a healthy balance between work and family, and cycles with friends in his spare time.

Larry YAP (, Direct Response Copywriter

Larry believes the world needs to find meaning. He believes the market needs meaning. And he also believes this meaning can be found through the marketing process and in copy. Good copy converts. Great copy transforms.

Larry is a marketer with a specialisation in copywriting for the coaching niche. He is blessed with an insatiable desire to understand the human psychology for the betterment of mankind. He calls himself a meaning copywriter. Some say he’s weird. Others say he’s brilliant. They’re probably both right. He's also a board game geek.

Mark Francis THOMPSON, Founder & CEO,

Mark is an expert practitioner of marketing and copywriting, and provides startups and small business owners quick solutions to get your venture back on track. He is also known as the Marketing Guy at Street Smart University.

Mark graduated from NUS Business School with a major in marketing. He was also the President of AISEC.

Divya GINNA (, Founder, TaiSquare Consulting (

Divya is a marketing strategist who helps business owners 10x their revenues by implementing compelling copy and back proof button websites for their business, along with cleverly crafted social media and content strategies that have brought proven results! Prior to leaving her cushy job at Google, Divya joined one of the biggest media agencies in Singapore, the Publicis Groupe. She has handled major accounts such as Tiger Airways and Carlson hotels, where she gathered some great experiences in the world of marketing for brands.

Divya is a proud SMU graduate in Information Systems Management with a minor in marketing, one of the toughest courses. This was where she ventured into the foray of web development, design and also online marketing where her true passion lie. A gym addict who also loves badminton and cycling, Divya's ultimate dream is to travel, work with startups all over the world, and make a positive difference to their business!