• The 2018 China International Mobile Startup Competition is coming to Israel!

    ******************************************************** Deadline for Submission - September 19th, 2018 ******************************************************** If you are an Israeli startup in the mobile industry that is looking to penetrate the Chinese market then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Apply now to the biggest and newest mobile competition in China! Link to apply: https://goo.gl/9uUj3B Why apply? Top 10 finalists will be exposed to the following: - Over $1.2 Million USD in cash prizes - Flown to China for the grand finals - Meetings with Chinese strategic partners in the mobile industry - High profile investors - Coaching and guidance for the Chinese market - All expenses covered by the Chinese competition organizers Link to apply: https://goo.gl/9uUj3B

  • FREE WORKSHOP: Optimizing software development process

    A unique workshop dedicated to improving the efficiency of your company's software development process. Target audience: tech teams & individuals (start-ups, software development firms, large corporations) *Limited Seating, by invitation only! Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/hDWNsRcSr8jYcKRv2

  • Take your SaaS overseas - First 20 Clients

    The aim of this event is to help SaaS companies that are trying to go overseas, make those initial 20 sales. The event will be limited to 20-25 participants to go beyond the basics into the methodologies, best practices and internal insight of what works and what doesn’t. To make the most of the event, we will focus on companies that already have some traction. PLEASE SIGN UP AT http://bit.ly/2IOXzeA RSVP is not enough 😮 **What are we doing A-team-to-startup is a group dedicated to help early-stage startups tackle their current challenges by connecting with experienced professionals for a 2 hour closed door discussion focused on the company. We aim to go beyond the basics by sharing best practice, methodologies, insights and discuss what works and what doesn’t, leading to practical steps to implement. **Who is it for - Founders of early-stage companies that are struggling to take their working product to new markets. - Experienced professionals that have actively participated in taking SaaS companies with limited resources to new markets. **Format: 30 min - companies present themselves 1.5 hours- small group conversations (with rotations) The event will be held in Hebrew **Food, Beverages and Cost: 10-20 NIS donation, collected at the door to cover refreshments and snacks.(PepperPay if you insist)

  • WhiteBox - The first customized infrastructure solutions conference!

    • What we'll do The first customized infrastructure solutions conference in Israel will be held on March 22, 2018 at Krypton “HaKfar HaYarok” Entrance is free incl. breakfast and lunch, please RSVP here: https://goo.gl/DtHkwh • What to bring • Important to know

  • The three paths of an entrepreneur: build an international venture in Canada

    Galya will talk about her path (3 paths) as an entrepreneur, building two companies in Canada from 0 to 6 figures revenues. The lecture will focus on the building blocks it takes to become an entrepreneur and gain success in Canada with no connections and no foundations in the country. Galya is a tech entrepreneur and a product specialist. she is the founder of StartupHack- www.StartupHack.Design- a fast prototyping services for entrepreneurs to visualize their next app/website. and Plazus Technologies inc- a Private Communication-App builder. Galya is a Tedx speaker: http:// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rbKskuyCE0 and a female leader, performing on many stages in the world. The lecture will be in English. Please RSVP here for security pass: https://goo.gl/forms/L8s30mW3mZDu7Na33

  • Digital transformation of your business: Managing business within the data era.

    Tracking and using data collected for business purposes is critical in today’s digital era. As your business grows it becomes increasingly complex to manage efficiently. There are many needs for a system to contain and manage data. • Marketing - uploading content to sites and social networks. • Internal management - tracking customers, employees, and inventory. • Project/Product management – gaining insights from past mistakes and improving on success factors. But moving to digital is not simple for a variety of reasons • Resistance from the employees to implementing and using a new system. • A challenging process of identifying and characterizing business needs. • Utilizing results of data reporting to implement improvements in the company. In this lecture, we will go over: • How to overcome the common problems with implementing a digital system • How to manage the benefits that come from transitioning to a digital system. • Using digital data to improve the internal and external process in your business. We will gain understanding of the limiting factors that prevent companies from transitioning to a digital platform and learn the keys to avoiding them The meeting will be given by Gilad Perlman and Guy Morgenstern, Guy has experience in creating value within organizations and improving operational aspects while looking deeply at the interpersonal and cultural dynamics. Gilad works in locating solutions for managing information and analyzing systems with some of the leading organizations in the economy. The lecture will be in English and on the 34th floor in the Electra building.


    Rotschild Ave. Bars

    Join us for an amazing TECH TALKS event, on bars all over Rothschild blvd., and hear the best speakers ! ----------------------------------- Links to the events: TAU-INNOVATION.COM/EVENTS (http://tau-innovation.com/event) ----------------------------------- IOT Connected devices are here to stay. Join us for an evening of IoT panel with some of the best in the field, to explore this fascinating world of smart objects! Corporate Innovation Users are now the ones who actively drive which products and services will be developed from the very beginning of the process. So what has changed? And how should organizations cope? Join this session and find out VR During this fascinating lecture we will review the history, the current trends and the nearby future of VR, as well as enjoy a cool live demonstration of VR abilities today. Cyber Join us for an evening with #Checkpoint in a cool setting of a Tel Aviv bar: we will address cyber Security in the Era of Exponential Technology, and issues of cloud, smart mobility and mobile. SocialTechnology Learn from the best on how to create a social impact: Join Neta-Li Meiri of 8200 - The Social Program, Batsheva Moshe of Unistream, Neta Gruber The Generator - Igniting Social Change, Hoff Reshef of RavTech and more for a fascinating evening dedicated for making a change: how to craft a social venture, how entrepreneuship can create a real social change, and much more! Fintech What is the future of banking? How big data is used to serve the unbanked? And what about the evolution of Cloud Fintech? Join us for talks by great Fintech experts, such as Miri Zaretsky of KPMG, Bar Israeli of SalesForce and Nir Netzer and Tal Sharon of Fintech-Aviv! Robotics Robotics and Autonomy: The innovation revolution is around the corner ! In this unique meetup, we will get equated with innovative projects of autonomous transportation such as PRT (Personal Rapid Transit), get professional insights about the right way to do R&D project dealing with new products coolness, and more! AI The artificial intelligence (AI) market is expected to be worth USD 16.06 Billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 62.9% from 2016 to 2022. Join our great speaker for an amazing evening dedicated for AI talks! Travel The future developments of Travel Tech is well connected to other verticals such as AI, Cyber Security, IoT, and such, with many challenges the travel industry (Travel, Aviation and Aerospace) is facing, ----------------------------------- RSVP (FREE) HERE >>> http://tau-innovation.com/event (http://tau-innovation.com/event) ----------------------------------- Communiites The New Kibbutz: As communities are all around us and sharing economy is here to stay - join our great panelists for a discussion about sharing economy and new business opportunities. SmartMobility A market worth $25b by 2024, smart mobility is the future of mankind. Join us for an evening of short talks and startups pitches on this super-cool subject! Gaming Why you should start making super casual games right now? Learn how this often overlooked genre is a great place for young indie developers to start out, and discover a great platform to perfect your game development skills. ----------------------------------- RSVP (FREE) HERE >>> http://tau-innovation.com/event (http://tau-innovation.com/event) ----------------------------------- Accelerators Building a startup? Join us for a great meetup about accelerators! Join our great speakers (Dr. Iris Ginzburg and Mr. Guy Katsovich) for an evening of beer and... acceleration! Learn about the Israeli accelerator ecosystem, what is the future of this industry, and more! SportInnovation Technology and sports: what a great synergy! Discover the innovation that shapes the future of Sports, learn about the the opportunity for disruptive startups in the business of sports​, and more Foodtech Join us for an inspiring evening on Food & Agro Tech. Learn how Technology is keeping restaurants in business, the future of AgTech, how FoodTech changes the world, the value of connecting the dots along the value chain, and more! Homeland Security Join us for an evening of great talks and speakers, about this booming vertical of Homeland Security! ----------------------------------- RSVP (FREE) HERE >>> http://tau-innovation.com/event (http://tau-innovation.com/event) -----------------------------------

  • WACOM INKATHON 2016 /// JULY 18-19

    Location visible to members

    WACOM INKATHON 2016 /// JULY 18-19 Funded trip to Las Vegas CES 2017 /// Total Prize Money $17,500 Join us for 2 Creative. Inspiring. Challenging days at the Hackathon for free! (http://startau.activetrail.biz/Wacom-English) Register (Free) >> (http://startau.activetrail.biz/Wacom-English)

  • 3C Smart Cities challenge and Pitch Event!

    AWS Pop-up Loft

    We're pleased to invite you to join us at our 3C Smart Cities challenge and Pitch Event! That will be held at AWS Pop-up Loft on March 15 at 18:00 located at Lilienblum 23, Tel Aviv, Israel The competition Is open for Israeli start-ups in the fields of technological solutions for Smart Cities. During the event we will select three winners among the Start-ups in the following verticals: Sustainability/Security/Health Care. Add to calendar (http://trailer.web-view.net/Links/0X15D68AE52B74A182C01C5FDFFB026102C5443145422B863A3FD965BF167C9BD86E670366AFA82B8FA945B21B19B494F92D4A3938A2A9C42BBE07239E1774E1431640F03D44A5C0E9.htm) See you :)


    Dear members, We are happy to invite you to join us in an exclusive evening of fascinating, intimate round-table discussions with top executives leading the Internet of Things industry, hosted by Vertical Engine, Bezeq, Hisense & StarTAU. Sit down for a beer with fellow entrepreneurs and industry leaders to discuss the hot topics and upcoming trends in the IoT industry. Discussions will be held by Vertical Engine, Hisense, Bezeq, Gemini Partners, Intel, Gemsense & more. The event is mostly meant for founders actively working on a start-up. Entrance is free of charge but requires RSVP (space is limited): For more details and RSVP - Click Here. (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-internet-of-things-stripped-to-the-fullest-tickets-18463665320) About Vertical Engine: Vertical Engine is a TLV based accelerator partnered with Bezeq, Hisense, StarTAU and Tel Aviv University currently accepting applications for it's #IoT Vertical If you are an innovative start-up in the space of IoT we encourage you to apply. Accepted teams will benefit from:Office space in TLV || 3 months acceleration program || Access to Bezeq & Hisense executives guidance & market insights || Intensive mentorship by IoT experts, investors and seasoned entrepreneurs || Access to TAU faculty members || 200$K worth services || Roadshow in China - NO EQUITY - NO BUSINESS OBLIGATIONS. Applications for the upcoming cycle are due September 27- Apply here (http://bit.ly/vetaumeetup) For more info visit: www.verticalengine.co (http://www.verticalengine.co/)