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Startup Edmonton is a campus and community hub for hackers, artists + entrepreneurs.

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A HUGE thank you to all of the incredible volunteer organizers that give of their time and expertise to present meetups every month. You can find something happening on campus almost every day of the year due to their dedication.

If you had any questions, shoot us an email at hello@startupedmonton.com or follow us on Twitter at @startupedmonton (http://www.twitter.com/startupedmonton).

We're always on the search for new meetups! If you're interested in starting a tech or startup methodology focused meetup, drop us a line at hello@startupedmonton.com and a Community Manager will be in touch shortly.



Upcoming events (4+)

Weekly Chat

Online event

A casual virtual weekly chat that open to everyone and anyone. A place to ask questions, hear different view points, and, most importantly, get to know your fellow Dev Edmontonians.

Every week there is a new initial software development topic posted on Dev Edmonton Slack to get the discussion started:


Sometimes we discus the initial topic the entire chat, other times the topic changes several times through the natural flow of the conversation. If you have a initial topic suggestion please post it to the #meetup-weekly-chat channel:


Please contact me if you have any suggestions to improve the chat or have any trouble connecting.

Hope to see you at the chat.

P.S. - Zoom link for chat is under the Online Event section of this Meetup event and is visible once you register. The Zoom link is also posted on the Dev Edmonton Slack.

Edmonton Mobile Developers (iOS and Android)

Online event

Edmonton Mobile Developers is a community of programmers, designers, and hackers interested in mobile development. We discuss a broad range of topics and technologies relevant to the mobile ecosystem while sharing knowledge and experience. Our mission is to help foster the mobile developer community in the Edmonton region!

We meet the third Wednesday of every month at 6:00pm at Startup Edmonton. Food is provided and their is an optional social segment after presentations at a local downtown bar.

Past presentation slides (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1fpnnEiSwI_bThrbjczT3M4S0E?usp=sharing)

We're currently looking for Android and iOS presenters. Presentations can be anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes in length. Topics can be at any experience level, with any mobile platform.

If you're interested in presenting please sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/MAc1t98TYH6Rj6O83. If you have any questions or comments message us on Meetup.com or email us at edmonton.droid.developers [at] gmail.com



BetaCityYEG Meetup

Online event

Join us for BetaCityYEG, where you learn about and can participate in novel tech-related initiatives that improve our community. We help connect you with insider perspectives from social enterprises, government programs, community-affecting research, and have helped attendees find and work on impactful projects. Food's provided so please RSVP :)

About BetaCityYEG

We are the city and region's citizen-led digital engagement group with a mandate to connect citizens with opportunities to learn about, provide feedback for, and participate in projects that improve our community with technology.

Check out our site (http://www.betacity.ca). It's got previous community projects and future ideas.

Edmonton Python User Group

Online event

This month we have another awesome instalment from the AB Python community! We'll take a dive into ML topics which affect domains such as credit risk, anomaly detection, and fraud detection.

In this talk, you'll learn why data balancing for machine learning projects is important and why it should be done. You'll see results of various data balancing (Oversampling, Undersampling, and SMOTE) techniques including associated predicted results.

Jay will share every aspect of this machine learning experiment via 3 Jupyter Notebooks.

---- About the Speaker ---
Jay Gupta is a project management professional with a passion for data analytics, and machine learning. You can connect with him via his LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jayguptanetwork/

----- About AB Python Groups -----
Be sure to check out the other Alberta python communities!
PyData Calgary: https://www.meetup.com/PyData-Calgary
PyYYC: https://www.meetup.com/py-yyc/

---- About EdmontonPy ----

We hope to foster a strong, supportive, and proficient Python community in the Edmonton area. Everyone interested in any aspect of Python development is welcome to join.

Visit https://edmontonpy.com for more information.

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YEGSEC Information Security Meetup

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