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Panel Discussion - Bias and how to eliminate bias in Data & Analytics

Women in Big Data Edmonton with ISACA SheLeadsTech Edmonton jointly present what promises to be an energetic and engaging panel discussion on Bias and how to eliminate bias in Data & Analytics.

As businesses turn to machine learning to automate processes, how do we address the issue of bias? Human bias can enter the data and analytics process at any step, and must be monitored and managed.

Featuring panel members from the corporate (Enbridge) and law enforcement (Edmonton Police Service) fields discussing bias in data and analytics with the humanities/ethics perspective of bias (University of Alberta):
- Jessie Haidamaka from the Edmonton Police Service - Crime Analysis Unit
- Anna-Maria Lemaistre from Enbridge – Diversity & Inclusion
- Dr. Geoffrey Rockwell from the University of Alberta - Professor of Philosophy and Digital Humanities & Director of the Kule Institute for Advanced Study

At Women in Big Data Alberta (Edmonton), our goal is to promote and strengthen diversity in big data and analytics. We aim to do this by offering knowledge-sharing and community participation events to connect and network data professionals. At these activities we also promote and encourage mentoring opportunities to strengthen and expand the big data community. Women in Big Data Alberta (Edmonton) aims to build a province-wide network, and is the first Western Canadian chapter of the U.S. based Women in Big Data Forum.