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The YEG Javascript Meetup, ExchangeJS is a gathering of Javascript minded folks, who want to discuss and further their exploration of this language that underpins the internet. We're being supported actively (and are supporting in turn) the YEG Ruby meetup, and the Dev Edmonton Society from an organizational and logistical perspective. You can find out more at where you can find links to the Dev Edmonton slack, where most of our organization happens. If you're interested in a chat, doing a talk, or learning more about Javascript, check out the link above and get onto the Slack!

The talks for this month are:

Stop Writing JavaScript - by Eddie Antonio Santos. Eddie will discuss how to avoid just use HTML instead of Javascript in many scenarios!

For more information, join us on the Dev Edmonton Slack at, and visit ( You can also find us on Twitter at@EdmontonJS, or leave a comment below!