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WordPress 101: Want a successful business? Build a great website in 60 minutes.

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This is the first in a series of meetups to introduce one of the quickest, most effective ways to promote your business, apps, products, services or whatever else you may offer. This isn’t another WordPress show and tell presentation which would be the case from most other meetup groups. We intend to introduce the technology to you starting from the beginning and then take what you have learned to actually helping you build a new website.

So essentially, in the course of a few meetups and online discussions, we are going to:

Introduce the technology to you. (101) Identify resources that you can use to design, build, and populate content/media the website, effortlessly. (101, 201) Discuss benefits of popular social network integration (101, 201) Host a workshop to help you, step by step to create a new website from scratch or retrofit an old one. (201) Demonstrate advance methodologies to enhance the look and capabilities of your site, without coding. (301) Continue to discuss design and development concepts online via boards and webinars. (TBD) Study groups may be a possibility, based on demand.

If you want to be successful with any business endeavor, you may need a website. If you want to promote your business, app, product(s), and/or services effectively, you may want a web site. If you want to reach a large demographic, targeting as many potential customers as possible, you must have a website.

Websites have become essential, today, in the ever growing arsenal of self-promotional tools for many. They have replaced business cards, the yellow pages and other types of references for search and contact. They have become to many individuals, businesses, and startups, the first point of contact with existing and potential customers. Websites are a great way to promote a developer’s latest app, in some cases offering a demo of it’s features. Websites have become the go to mechanism to promote and sell almost anything.

But, how effective are they? What goes into designing, developing and maintaining a successful site? What are the actual costs? Is having a great, effective website cost prohibitive to most of us today? The answers to most of those questions, today, are Not Much and Not Really. Why? The real answer, the actual solution to these questions are Content Management System (CMS) solutions.

With the advent of easy to use CMS solutions like WordPress, Joomla and others, having a beautiful, effective, functional and easy to maintain website is highly plausible, and for most is a reality. Websites based on CMS technology are easy to setup, enhance and administer, by the end user, without having to know any web coding languages and pesky database management skills.

All you need, in most cases, is an idea, content and a little time to produce a stunning website that is fully functional and can be easily found by your targeted demographic.

So, if you want to learn about a new technology that can help you save money, time and frustration? If you want to get hands on experience with a tool that will help you make money and succeed? Come join us to help you identify the right tools, designs and resources, so that you can target and acquire new customers with a fully function, 21st century website.

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