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Meetups are great, but there is rarely any follow-up to the topics evangelized by the speakers. Ever wanted to dig deeper into a subject but did not know how, where or when to take the next steps?

Startup Labs was created to continue the conversation immediately and long after the meetups covering popular topics are over through a series of labs and workshops.

Topics that people really want to learn more about covered from end to end, so that they can be applied to real world solutions.

What's the difference between a Lab and Workshop?

Labs are free unstructured activities, containing 30 or less participants where members work on there own projects and are given the opportunity to enlist the help of experts and other participants. This also encourages members and give them a chance to contribute, sharing and learning new things. Most labs may cover a single topic to focus on and be applied to members projects. Some labs will include talks, a panel and/or member driven showcase for part of the session then get down and dirty into their own projects. A larger lab will include coverage of many topics simultaneously.

Workshops are paid, structured activities with a predefined curriculum which includes a combination of talks and applied interaction based on topics. Workshops will have a time duration of 4 to 8 hours. Most workshops will be comprised of 1 or more instructors and coaches, who are advance or experts on the given topic.

You deserve more from meetup groups, and now we are going to deliver.

More coverage for developers, designers, entrepreneurs and startups so that you can just get things done.

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