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Beyond Bitcoin - RSK Labs, Pesabase, Dether, Tykn, ODEM and more-@ECE

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Yacine T. and Sébastien R.
Beyond Bitcoin - RSK Labs, Pesabase, Dether, Tykn, ODEM and more-@ECE


With Blockchain for Humanity, RSK Labs, Tykn, Dether, Pesabase, ODEM and more.
Gabriel Kurman, co-founder of RSK Labs, is visiting Europe to introduce their new open-source Smart-contract Platform based on Bitcoin. Blockchain Startups will come to present their projects and future ICOs.

StartupToken is a worldwide network of accelerators. We accelerate blockchain startup from the idea to the ICO. We organize Roadshows events and provide a wide range of services to projects that are innovative or of social importance.
We organize this event in partnership with the engineering school ECE and the international business school ESCE.

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Tykn is Building Digital Identity Management Tools for governments and NGOs using blockchain technology.
After experiencing the financial crash in Dubai in 2008, Tey El Rjula moved to The Hague, where he became a Blockchain Senior Analyst for, as well as a Bitcoin miner. Despite never having lived in Syria, Tey was forced to move into a refugee camp for two years due to his Syrian roots, after his work permit expired. This ultimately became his main motivation behind solving the "paper-based identity" problem; consequently Tey co-founded Tykn.

With Dether you can buy and sell crypto for cash and spend it in physical stores.
Hamid Benyahia is both a Blockchain entrepreneur and a startup coach. He is both French and Algerian. He founded several companies and started working on blockchain proof-of-concepts for companies of the CAC40 stock index. He also helped blockchain startup iExec as a contractor. He is dether co-founder.

Emilie Raffo, organizer of the Swiss "Blockchain 4 Good" meetup, will talk about the use of blockchain technology to make education accessible to all. She will present the usecase of ODEM: the "On-Demand Education Marketplace" that leverages Blockhain technology and AI to offer the best contents and certifications to ALL students, whatever their net-worth, and whatever their origin.

Nhial Majok CEO & Founder,
Pesabase is a remittance, payment and banking e-wallet solution that uses the OmiseGo and Ethereum blockchain to provide financial simplification and inclusion in Africa.
01.Low cost Remittance between all users locally and across countries and continents
02.No Bank Account needed, simple token based reserves across the platform
03.Cheap customer payments for small to large businesses in Africa
04.Instant settlement, pickup and deposit cash at all agent locations
05.Loyalty points and Rewards for consistent use of the Pesabase platform


RSK Labs
RSK Labs
Gabriel Kurman, Co-founder of RSK Labs comes to Europe to present their smart contract sidechain. They launched their last mainnet Beta realease (Bamboo) which is opening up the RSK protocol for developers to interact with.
Through merge-mining RSK’s sidechain enables smart-contract, near instant transaction (2 way peg) and higher scalability to the Bitcoin Blockchain.

10 rue Sextius Michel · Paris
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