• sthlm.js #52 at Jfokus 2019

    Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel

    For the third time we are excited to announce a sthlm.js meetup hosted by Jfokus. You could call it a tradition now! The meetup will be at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre in room C3 on level 2. Schedule: 💥 18.30 - Doors open, food and drinks will be served 🤺 19.00 - Talk#1 Avoiding XSS in React By Jim Manico - https://twitter.com/manicode React is an amazing web platform. Among other things, it provides built-in protection from Cross Site Scripting XSS attacks. But does it enough? Can you assume that React is immune to XSS attacks? Apparently no. Want to find out why? Join us for this free talk. Jim will share with us why XSS happens in React and what we can do to protect ourselves. 🔐 ~19:45 - Talk#2 Passwords are so 1990 By Sam Bellen - https://twitter.com/sambego As long as we’ve been using the internet, and way before that, we have been authenticating through some sort of username and password combination. It has become the standard. With the ever increasing number of web-apps, we’re seeing more and more data breaches as well. What if we could build our authentication processes in a way the user doesn’t need a password? 👋 ~21:00 After the talks we will be able to join the Jfokus mingle at the same venue (https://www.jfokus.se/jfokus19/). Looking forward to see you!

  • sthlm.js #51 at Natural Cycles

    Natural Cycles

    Such, wow, sthlm.js #51! It’s time for our newest team member (Stina) to organize a sthlm.js meetup! We are very happy to be hosted by one of the most interesting startups in Stockholm, Natural Cycles (https://www.naturalcycles.com/en/about/) Schedule: ⭐️ 18.00 - Doors open, food and drinks ⭐️ 18.30 - Talk#1 Javascript ecosystem: expectations from a JS module By Kirill Groshkov - https://github.com/kirillgroshkov Highlights: - JS everywhere - How to be a good Javascript ecosystem citizen - Anatomy of a package - Automate all the things ⭐️ 19.00 - Talk#2 Not your father's cloud functions - an experiment in live coding serverless logic (and avoiding files) By Peter Svensson - http://twitter.com/psvensson http://se.linkedin.com/in/petersvensson Inspired by classical creative development environment such as Smalltalk and Lisp machines, an attempt has been made to leverage the capabilities of an online database (firebase/firestore) to store functions as objects instead of files and to deploy them as cloud functions (again without using files), and then to being able to edit them more or less live without the need for additional deployment. And there's a graphical flow-based editor thrown in for good measure. There will be a bit of historical references and a general critique of current software practices. But also a bit of under-the-hood stuff of how Google Cloud Functions operate. Not that you care, using AWS, but hey. ⭐️19.30 - Let's mingle ⭐️21.00 - Doors close See you there!

  • sthlm.js #50 at Yggdrasil Gaming


    It's time for sthlm.js #50. Crazy :D We're celebrating with organizing a meetup together with Yggdrasil Gaming - provider of superior online gaming solutions for igaming operators. Calling all game developers! Yggdrasil Gaming is bringing a legend to their dev studios: Mat Groves – creator of pixi.js Pixi.js pretty epic, you should check it out here if you haven't heard about it: http://www.pixijs.com/ You'll like this meetup extra much if you: - are a game developer who wants to get pixi.js insights from the original source - want to meet Mat Groves, creator of pixi.js rendering engine, in person - want to learn from some awesome igaming veterans from Poland and Sweden - are looking to move into the gaming industry, or already do and need some fresh inspiration Find more details here https://www.facebook.com/events/1145365842283195/ Agenda: 18:00 Welcome drinks & food 19:00 Mathew Groves: An introduction to Pixi.JS 19:45 Grzegorz Przybyłowicz: Move, jump, fly - Building animations in HTML5 games 20:30 Rajat Johri: Tricks with spine - Using spine animations to create a stunt jump game 21:15 Contest with an amazing prize - more details out soon 21:15 - 22:00 Networking drinks More info about the talks: Mathew Groves: An introduction to Pixi.JS Pixi.JS is an open source HTML5 rendering engine. The session will start with an overview of what Pixi.JS is and how it can help you in making HTML5 2D content. Matthew will go through its features using examples, and will pop the hood to explain how it works. He will also explain the techniques they use at Goodboy Digital to get the engine running as fast as possible. Grzegorz Przybyłowicz: Move, jump, fly - Building animations in HTML5 games The last few years have brought new capabilities in web development. This has revolutionized the kind of games we can make in our browsers. Grzegorz will cover some of the solutions we use in our animations which combined with Pixi.js give you a powerful, useful mix of techniques to polish and boost your games. We will cover basic concepts as well as some more advanced topics, tips and tricks using case studies straight from Yggdrasil. Jens Malmborg: Tricks with Spine - Using spine animations to create a stunt jump game In this session, Jens will go through how Spine can be used to create smooth looking animations, while at the same time using fewer assets. He'll also talk about how spine animations can be used to create a stunt jump game.

  • sthlm.js #49 at McKinsey

    Mckinsey Sweden

    We are back! sthlm.js #49 is here🎉! We're happy to have Digital McKinsey to host 💖. ⭐18:00 - Door open and snacks are is served ⭐18:30 - Intro ⭐18:35 - Talk#1 Socks Unlimited By Vipin Nair – https://www.linkedin.com/in/vipinsthename/ – “How we help an indie socks company go digital and help them undergo a transformation from brick and mortar stores to internet glory! A next gen infrastructure and cloud love story. <3” To clarify this is an hands on, advance technical talk :) ⭐19:00 - Break and food is served ⭐19:30 - Talk#2 Svelte (https://svelte.technology) Ed Moldovan – https://www.linkedin.com/in/eduardmoldovan/ “The magical disappearing framework” ⭐20:00 - Mingle ⭐22:00 - Doors close Note: In case of food allergies, please mail [masked] when you get a spot.

  • sthlm.js meetup #48 at Beamon People

    Beamon People AB

    Such, wow, sthlm.js #48! We're happy to have Beamon People (http://www.beamonpeople.se/) as host ❤️ ⭐️ 18:00 - Door open and food is served ⭐️ 18:30 - Transpiling them smart apps by Jens Tinfors, Beamon People ⭐️ 18:50 - Introduction to ReasonML: functional programming for Javascript developers by Andreas Eldh ReasonML is an exciting new programming language aimed at Javascript developers. I'll introduce the language and try to talk about why the future of Javascript development might be something other than Javascript. I'm a designer with a developer toolbox, or maybe a developer with the heart of a designer, currently trying to make accounting easier at Dooer. -> https://twitter.com/eldh See you there!

  • sthlm.js meetup #47 at Doctrin

    Doctrin AB

    Happy new year!!! We're excited to announce sthlm.js #47! Thanks a lot to Doctrin for hosting this event. 18:00: Doors open & Food is served 18:25: Introduction 18:30: Talk #1 - "Demystifying AI in the office" Current applications and low hanging fruit for future uses of AI at Doctrin. How smart is an AI really? What can it do? We will talk about our approach to working with AI and invite you to join the discussion. By Anton Sörensen. AI developer specialized in medical image analysis 18:55: Break 19:05: Talk #2 - "4 epic tech fails but one big victory." What does it take to make a patient feel involved and confident in a caregiving process? We now know that it takes a clear vision, a close cooperation with a caregiver, seven doctors, over ten million in venture capital and about 3 000 node packets. A walkthrough of four tech fails that has taken us to where we are today and what that journey has taught us. By Tor Moström JS Lead Doctrin. Software engineer, children's book author, speaker. 19:35: Mingle and make new friends!

  • sthlm.js meetup #46 at Avanza

    Location visible to members

    We're excited to announce sthlm.js #46! Thanks a lot to Avanza for hosting this event <3 18:00: Doors open & Food is served 18:25: Introduction 18:30: Test Driven Style Guide Development with Angular (2.x and above) by Kristoffer Nording (https://twitter.com/knording) - Front-End Developer at Avanza (https://www.avanza.se/) An introduction to Test Driven Style Guide Development and how we use it to create a living style guide at Avanza. 18:55: Break 19:05: JavaScript generators (Introduction, co js, koa, and redux saga) by Bruno Godefroy - CTO at Moank (https://www.moank.se/) Have you ever found yourself completely lost in front of a yield statement? What is this? Where does my promise go? How come I get the result back? Generators are widely used amoung javascript libraries to enable developers to write powerful code in a simple way.I will try to answer all these questions and we will recreate together the co library that is used, for example, in Koajs. I would then like to go into a step by step decomposition of redux-saga to understand how this wonderful library uses generators. 19:30: Mingle and make new friends!

  • sthlm.js meetup #45 at Mynewsdesk

    Mynewsdesk Sweden

    We're excited to announce sthlm.js #45! Thanks a lot to Mynewsdesk for hosting this event. As usual we'll try to live stream the event but we can't make any promises :) Schedule: 18:00 - Doors open, Food and Drinks are served 18:25 - Welcoming 18:30 - "The What, Why and How of Progressive Web Apps" by Hjörtur Hilmarsson @hjortureh (https://twitter.com/hjortureh) 19:00 - Small Break 19:10 - "Serverless Node APIs in minutes with Lambdasync" by Fredrik Andersson @fredrikanderzon (https://twitter.com/fredrikanderzon) 19:40 - Mingle, Beer and make new friends :)

  • sthlm.js meetup #44 at Norrsken

    Norrsken House

    It's finally autumn and time for the first sthlm.js of this season... and this time it'll be BIG! We're excited to announce that we this time will be at Norrsken (https://www.norrskenhouse.org/), a pretty (totally) awesome co-workingspace here in Stockholm. Schedule: 18.00 - Beer + Vegan finger food from Taku-Taku 18.30 - Welcome & Intro 18.40 - Scraping the app, building the platform by Alexander Yngling, CTO, http://29k.org 19.00 - Lightning talks: What tech do we use and why? - Worldfavor (https://worldfavor.com/): The Digital Sustainability Platform - EdQu (https://www.edqu.se/): Empowering teachers - Ollanta Cuba Gyllensten, Johan Sanderoth - Millijoin (https://millijoin.com/): Feel safe everywhere - Johan Greus och Fredrik Simón - Welcome (http://welcomemovement.se/): Cross-platform tools for mobile development - Michael Thelin 19.20 - Building an artificial insurance expert on a microservice infrastructure by John Ardelius, Hedvig (https://hedvig.com/) 19.50 - Mingle and meet new friends!

  • sthlm.js meetup #43 at Widespace


    LIVESTREAM: https://www.facebook.com/sthlmjs/videos/1699406243689039/ We're excited to announce Sthlm.js #43! Thanks a lot to Widespace (https://www.widespace.com/) for hosting this event. As usual we'll try to live stream the event but we can't make any promises :) Schedule: 17:45 - Doors open & Food is served 18:30 - Wisper RPC - A delightful alternative to JSON RPC by Fredrik Andersson (https://twitter.com/fredrikanderzon) Wisper (https://github.com/wisper-rpc) lets you create classes, call methods and listen to events between different contexts, different programming languages, or even different machines. Let's have some fun with that, shall we? 19:00 - From good intentions to reality by Daniela Valero (https://twitter.com/danielavalero_) We, developers, love what we do, we aim for quality in our projects, and in order to do that, we adopt an individual culture for learning. However, the common scenario of the projects we work, shows that our projects end up not matching our initial quality expectations. I want to invite you in this talk, to step back with me, to revisit what quality actually is, and to go together through different dimensions, in which it is expressed in our projects. This way, we can adopt a more pragmatic approach when working in them, that will allow us to find the piece of the puzzle we’ve been looking for, and start getting closer to match our quality expectations.