Overnight Kayaking in the Archipelago - Updated! Please update your RSVP!

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· Nämdö

How to find us

Kajakeriet (Småängsvägen 1, 134 67 Ingarö)

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VERY IMPORTANT: For people in GOING list please write under the comments or in Whatssap group if you have booked kayak before May 28.

Those who are in the waiting list would be offered to book the kayak from 28/5 and moved into coming list instead of those who has not confirmed. Once we reach the limit of 20 people confirmed/booked, the event will be declared full and no more applications accepted.

We (Robert & Andranik) will organize this event instead of Sam, we will follow the same plan with the exception of no sauna this time (due to corona the sauna is closed). Thanks to Sam for being awesome and for letting us take over and organize the event! We have also increased the participant count to 20 to give more people the chance to join. Please keep your RSVP updated :)

WhatsApp group link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/GWRaBitwdc7GOCryiaO2ss

We will rent kayaks from Kajakeriet and paddle to Nämdö, stopping and resting along the way. We will try to keep the group together and help each other out. Ideally try to paddle with someone nearby in case you need help with something or someone else needs your help.
Friday: Paddle from Kajakeriet to Nämdö
Saturday: Explore the nearby area (probably the islands north of Nämdö and up to each person what they want to do).
Sunday: Return back to Kajakeriet

This event is not for beginners, you must have some previous experience of kayaking and feel somewhat comfortable in a kayak and kayaking in the sea. You must know how to swim. If you have never done kayaking before then unfortunately this event is not for you.

We will meet around 14.00 at Kajakeriet (Småängsvägen 1,[masked] Ingarö)

Björnö naturreservat bus station is the closest stop, from there walk ~600m to Kajakeriet.
From Slussen there are several buses that go to Björnö naturreservat bus station (buses: 428, 428X, 429, 429X). Check with SL.

Each person is responsible to book their own kayak. Single kayak costs 995 SEK. Double kayak costs 1295 SEK. Book from 4th of June to 6th of June (Weekend price/Veckoslut). Link to Kajakeriet: https://www.kajakeriet.com/in-english.html

Lets try to conduct this event as responsibly as possible and use common sense, and follow the guidelines from Folkhälsomyndigheten. Together we can make this as event as easy and smooth as possible. Each person must take personal responsibility, keep adequate distance, and respect each other. If you feel sick prior to the event, please let the group know and please stay at home.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, we will all try to help each other and make this a fun event :)

Q: What happens if I get sick/feel I’m getting sick before the event?
A: Let the group know, unbook your kayak, and please stay at home.

Q: Is this event for beginners?
A: No, you need to have previous kayaking experience and know how to swim.

Q: What should I pack?
A: See that packing list suggestion below or just google for kayak pack list.

• Tent
• Sleeping bag
• Sleeping pad
• Dry bags to pack your stuff into (ideally small to fit into the kayak)
• Suitable clothes for the weather
• Rain jacket (and pants, in case of rainy weather)
• Kayak shoes (neoprene shoes)
• Extra clothes for changing placed in a dry bag (in case your kayak flips over)
• Cooking gear (and fuel), plate, cutlery, cup
• Biodegradable soap
• Food for when we stay on the island
• Snacks such as dried fruit, nuts, power bars etc for when you are kayaking
• Water bottle for when you are kayaking
• Enough fresh water for the stay on the island
• Sun screen / hat depending on the weather
• Flashlight
• Bathing clothes / towel if you want to swim
• Tooth brush / tooth paste
• Toilet paper
• First aid kit
• Trash bags (we leave no trace behind and keep nature clean from our trash)
• Power-bank for phone / water proof pouch for phone or similar
• Remember don’t over-pack, some of these are just suggestions :)