Who's doing what in St. Louis Filmmaking.


Update - Nov. 5th:

We're excited to announce that, at our meeting on Sunday, we'll be discussing 3 possibly 4 upcoming films that will be looking for cast and crew. Come on out and meet the producers!

Topics of the meetup will be:

1. Information gathering about productions in progress in St. Louis.

2. Creating a hub for filmmakers to find their crew and everyone to land their next gig, a resource to stay informed.

3. General discussion about filmmaking in St. Louis.

If you happen to know of a production in the works, please feel free to point them our way. Let's help create opportunities for everyone.

This group is open to actors, technical and support crew, producers, directors and anyone else wanting to work in film. It takes a village to make a movie;)

Thank you for being a part of this most interesting group. See you on the set!