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What we’re about

Let's share our organizing experiences to help us all grow as organizers. Together, we can help make MeetUp a better experience for ALL!

Talk with other Meetup organizers to learn to create groups, navigate the Meetup site and app, grow your group, keep your members coming back, and so much more. Learn new ideas to help you work through difficult situations like no-shows, dues, and member personality conflicts. Bring your questions to our meetings and let experienced organizers help you find a solution.

Although most of the content of meetings will be aimed at new organizers, experienced organizers are also welcome.

Our monthly meetings are held in Maryland Heights. Occasionally, our meetings are social gatherings to give us a chance to get to know each other better.


• Must be a current organizer, co-organizer, assistant organizer, or in the process of beginning your first group. If you are getting ready to start your first group (but haven't yet) and would like to join so we can talk through your issues with you, will need to start your new group within 30 days of joining.

• You must attend at least one NON-SOCIAL event every 6 months. We rely on YOU so we can help each other at our meetings. Experienced organizers help new organizers who in turn, once they've learned the ropes, help other new organizers. We will sometimes have strictly social get-togethers. These do not count as your one 6 month meeting.

• You will need to use a photo of you so we can recognize you. If others are in the photo, please be clear about who you are.

• You will need to use a real first name. Last names are not needed.