Klubb Fuldans at Södra Teatern

This is a past event

20 people went


Götgatan 5 · Stockholm

How to find us

The pub is usually not too busy and is not too big. I look pretty much like my picture so it shouldn't be too hard to spot me. Send me a message if you can't find us!

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Last time at Klubb Fuldans was fun, so let's do it again :)

See description here: https://sodrateatern.com/klubb-fuldans/.
The basic idea is: cheesy (but good) music comes out of the speakers and you are free to dance however you feel like, even if it's ugly.
Express yourself!

Entrance is 150 sek (120 if bought in advance) and it opens at 22.00.

We can meet around 20.30 at a pub called Papagallo (Götgatan 5) and have drinks before heading there around 22.00 and dance like nobody's watching :)

Important info based on the previous events:
* We meet at Papagallo at 20.30. NOT at Södra Teatern.
* You can join later if you want, but try not to come to Papagallo after 21.30, as we might be on our way to the club after that.
* It might be tricky to try to join us directly at the club, as it can be busy.
* If you're lost or cannot find us, don't hesitate to message me!