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It’s a Supper Club dinner crossed with speed dating. The set-up’s simple – fifteen guys and fifteen girls share 20-minute dates across three courses meal and fine wine.

Dinner dates are a novel way to meet other singles in a relaxed environment, with the added benefit that you’re all interested in food and wine and will therefore have something in particular to talk about.

When: Saturday 19th January
Time: 19.30 – 23.00
Place: Secret
Format: Cocktail, 3 course homemade food speed dating
Afterparty: The party continues together at one of Stockholms bars

Book online and in advance. No payments at the door. First come first:

Stockholm Supper Club gives you the opportunity to meet a new circle of friends in a comfortable environment while savouring delicious food and wine over dinner. You will have the chance to chat with them in person over a meal. It's not just a photo that could be out-dated or an email that could be false, as in Internet dating. It's the real person. It's not sell yourself in five minutes and move on to the next person as in speed dating. It takes time to get to know a person

Spending an evening with potential singles over a meal, a glass of wine and great conversation is the best opportunity to interact and get to know somebody new.

Your next partner is out there right now waiting to meet you. You may not meet them at the first dinner you attend, but they may be attending a dinner very soon. Stockholm Supper Club gives you the opportunity to make new friends, it all depends on your attitude and the choices you make. It is possible that one of the people you are dining with may have a friend that is just right for you.

We cannot guarantee we have a perfect match for you, but we do give everyone the opportunity to create their own new circle of friends that can give you every chance of meeting some one special. All members are hoping to meet someone special, so encourage each other and support each other, it may come back to you sooner than you think.

The most important thing is to put yourself in situations where you will meet singles and do something you enjoy along the way. We have guests in the age range mid 20s to mid 50s waiting to meet you.

See you soon!

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