What we're about

Hey you.

Did you ever fall asleep during a technical conference talk?

Have you ever attended a code session with intention to learn and gained nothing but a headache?

Well you are NOT going to be that kind of speaker.

In a world where public speaking courses are a college requirement, and programming is becoming more and more common in high school curriculums, it is crucial to learn how to effectively communicate what you're building and why.

This workshop aims to teach developers (and other tech people) how to turn engineering topics into engaging stories that anyone will want to listen to.

We'll do this in 3 parts:

1. Crafting your story

2. Presenting your story

3. Building your slide deck

In this series, workshops will be intimate and collaborative, with a limited number of guests per session, which means participation is encouraged. It's okay to be shy at first, that's why we're here.

We will practice presenting concepts in technology by preparing and giving presentations. We will listen hard and work together to offer feedback, guidance, and support, and most importantly, have fun while we're at it.

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