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Write More Funny: Comedy Writing Essentials

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Write More Funny: Comedy Writing Essentials


Write More Funny: Comedy writing tips

Unlock the secrets of comedy writing and infuse your writing with smiles, smirks and humor

Led by comedian and writer Ryan Millar, this interactive online workshop will give you a grab bag of tricks and tips for exploring topics and generating material. Useful for writing comedy and speeches, but also for just being a more prolific writer. Absurdity, vulnerability, wordplay, free association and more will be covered.

Through a series of discussions, lessons and exercises, you'll discover how to inject humor into various forms of writing, from columns and personal essays to fiction, non-fiction, and even emails.

Whether you aspire to become a stand-up comedian, write comedic scripts, or simply want to add a touch of levity to your work, this workshop has something for everyone.

### Key Takeaways:

  • Finding humor in the everyday: Learn how to spot the funny in any situation and give it a comedic spin.
  • Craft Punchy Punchlines: Discover proven tricks to create or strengthen your comedy, giving your jokes maximum impact.
  • Polish Your Writing Skills: Streamline your phrasing and pacing to ensure your punchlines don't get lost in flabby verbiage.
  • Broaden Your Writing Horizons: Explore how humor can enhance various genres of writing, from fiction to personal memoirs.
  • Enhance Your Public Speaking: Acquire skills to captivate and entertain your audience, whether you're giving a speech or telling a joke at a party.

Don't miss this opportunity to tap into your comedic potential and take your writing to new heights!

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