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Board Games in the Board Room

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Come join us for the third Board Games in the Board Room! This will be a fun board-gaming event that lasts all day long!

What makes this event special?

- A fantastic event space in the office ballroom, featuring enough room to host 60+ people

- Comfortable chairs with more tables than we could ever need

- An Artemis Spaceship Simulator event (see link for details on this game: )

- Free Wi-Fi

- Ambient tunes playing over the speakers



Lunch and Dinner - We will be taking up a $5 pizza collection for those that want to order out pizza for dinner. Otherwise there are plenty of good restaurants in the area for lunch and dinner or bring something to munch on from home.


Access to this space is free. For this reason, any donations can go either to the food fund (We'll be ordering pizza for the feast based on the amount of cash donated) or to the Queen City Game Club.

Age Requirements

I am not going to tell you to not bring your kids if you want to bring them. That being said, this is my place of work, and I would rather not have to explain why company property got damaged by rambunctious children. Basically, if your kids are mature enough, they are encouraged to join!


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