What we're about

Street Photography is a form of documentary art that allows you to express your views and to tell the story of the city from your perspectives. This workshop is an application-based and focuses on photo composition techniques that are specific to street photography.

During the lecture, the instructor Christina will explain what makes a great street photo in terms of lighting, photo composition and how you could transform your creativity into a photo. This class is for those who have taken the Fundamental Photography Class, or people who are already shooting in the Manual Mode. Christina will not only talk about the theories (which could make you fall asleep), she will give attendees a lot of class work and group discussions to make sure they develop critical thinking towards the topic.

​After the lecture, we will take the bart to 16th Mission Street Station where we will put the theory into practice. Christina will stand side-by-side with the attendees, and help them observe the light, frame the stories occurring on the street and bravely click the shutter.


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