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Anyone with unhandled stress should attend the weekly events. Stress has many Facets, Stress from work, Stress from family, Stress from a relationship, Stress from loss or something else from the seemingly endless list, they all stem from two distinct sources. Understanding them and what to do about it allows you to eradicate this Stress once and for all. We will go over the basics in our weekly events. We then host a question and answer period. Last we offer free consultation on the best next step depending on your personal circumstances. The result being a person who understands that to deal with stress one has to DO something after he understands what the REAL cause is. No pill or drug has good long term effects. You flourish to the degree you do the work that brings you out of the stress for good. The results are very worthwhile and many have achieved them.
This group is sponsored by your local Dianetics and Scientology Center.

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YOUR REAL POTENTIAL, What is Yours ? Relieve the Accumulated STRESS & find out

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Stress tends to press you down and hold you back. It can also make you believe your supposed to lose. It can convince you that there is danger everywhere when the REAL YOU should be what others recon with.

Has Stress affected you, or someone you know, in the following ways ?

  • Have Painful relationships made you lose confidence in ever having a good relationship.
  • Do Past losses still have an overpowering effect on who you really know you can be.
  • Has An abusive boss, guardian, family member or parental figure caused you to doubt yourself and/or your abilities.
  • Have Accumulated misfortunes of life caused you to feel stressed or depressed.
  • Has The accumulated, un-met goals or expectations made you have anxiety or lose your drive.
  • Are The dreams you once thought doable dimming in reality.
  • Are You afraid to plan because you don't want another failure.
  • Have you adopted an attitude of "I'll just get through life a day at a time", instead of living life with the zest your completely capable of.

Well Guess what, this IS NOT YOU & YOUR NOT ALONE.
Even Better, we know how to help you Get Your MO JO back.
This may seem farfetched unless like us you've watched this data work for over 30 years without fail! It's not easy and many aren't up to taking the time or effort to apply the data but, the ones who do, are in for a Rocket Ride !
What do you have to loose?
Your accumulated negativity.
What do you have to WIN?
Your TRUE SELF. Maybe for the very first time !
Attendees learn the basics and get a free private consultation for not giving up on yourself.
Is it not time to take action. The consultation will, based on your personal circumstances, suggest your next best step. Could be education, could be more introduction and for the few that are ready for a rocket ride, we have tickets ( :
Whatever is causing you to be less than you really are, it is time to minimally find out for yourself, what that is.
See you Saturday morning and may you never be the same again! If Monday at 7:30 pm works better chat me for info.

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