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NOTICE: These "SCRIPTWRITER'S ANONYMOUS" meetings (which are created by members of the Stumptown Movie Makers group) are currently "non-hosted activities", which means while all members and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend, no one in particular is scheduled to act as your host. Thus, those who attend may need to either choose one attendee to lead the meeting, or just cooperate between each of the attendees to welcome each individual who attends, and encourage each attendee to contribute to the discussion, usefulness and resulting value of the meetings. This is your organization, and each of you can help to make it valuable for yourself, and for each of the other members!

Hello, scriptwriters! It's time for the quarterly open scriptwriting meeting. The open meeting will have one part consist of critiques of scripts, one part discussion of current projects, working on pitches and log lines and potential brainstorming, and one part discussing writing method and/or networking.

Also, those who want something critiqued should bring copies of their work to the meeting. We'll share these copies and read at the beginning. The most we can reasonably critique is between three to five selections, if each selection is 10 pages or less. Bring whatever scene you are having difficulty with or whatever you would like comment on. If people bring work that is more than ten pages, it becomes too difficult to for people to work on all of them. However, if one person has a 3 page short and another person has 14 pages or something, page counts aren't something we need worry about. When everybody starts going over the max it becomes a problem, though.

Also, if you are choosing 10 pages from the middle of act II or something like that, a mini-synopsis of the script and telling us what beat that 10 pages come from within the structure is helpful, so we can have some context when reading your pages.

If you want to have something read, comment about it in the comments section when you RSVP. The first few people to list they have something they want read will get to go. Otherwise, if ten people show up who all want critiques, we will have to be drawing names out of a hat.

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The Stumptown Movie Makers Meetup Group
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