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Design as a Story - Tyler Wilman @tylerwilman (
30 Minute Talk with a Q&A session.

Design needs to tell a story. Because of this, it’s important for designers to collaborate with developers to better understand how our design can tell rich and engaging stories. Gathering insights into technical problems is key to pushing boundaries and changing the way that we interact with technology.

In this talk, Tyler will highlight how designers and developers can establish a good foundation to tell better stories through their craft and work together as an interdisciplinary team.

Tyler Wilman ( ( is an Interaction Designer whose beliefs exist at the intersection of design and technology. Bridging the gap between these elements he is driven by the desire to create unique experiences in the ways that people engage with online brands or technology. He is currently doing this as the Senior UI lead at Atimi Software ( ), and with 10 years of working within the professional design environment , he has been able to push the boundaries of technology and interaction through design solutions.

Tools of the Trade
5 Minute Lightning Talks about some of the latest and greatest tools for designers and front-end developers alike.

Photoshop's Magical Smart Filters - Dave Shea @mezzoblue (
Dave is the creator and cultivator of the highly influential website, and co-author of The Zen of CSS Design (New Riders, 2005) with Molly Holzschlag. His current role is VP of User Experience at Mobify Inc.

Jumpstart into Multi-Device Testing - Jeff Kamo @jeffkamo (
Jeff is one of Mobify's secret weapons when it comes to front end development. As part of the Customer Success team, he helps to build mobile optimized experiences with a particular focus on CSS practices and processes.

Dynamic Visuals with SVG - James Bryant @jamesbryant86 (
James is a visual designer who has been designing iOS, OSX and web applications for more than 10 years. By day he’s a UI Designer at Mobify, by night he is either refining his iPhone app “Traffic” or praying for more snow.

Analyzing Existing Design Styles on the Web - Steve Mynett @SteveMynett (
Steve has been a UI Software Engineer at HootSuite for two years. With a background in design he spends his time bridging the gap between PSD’s and code, bringing designers' creations to life.

Anal Retentive Photoshop Habits: Improve Your Flow Without Making a Mess - James Bull @jimbones (
James Bull is a very excited designer at Mobify. He spends his time desk-dancing, snow-shredding, head-standing and foot-grabbing. If you don't know what any of those are, he'll gladly provide a demo.