• How To Become Magnetically Attractive - Create The Dating Life Of Your Dreams

    During this event you will discover how to transform your energy and your image to give you the best possible chance of attracting the partner of your dreams. While many people know a few things they "should" perhaps do to be more attractive, there's always more that can be learned. We will go through some of the most import aspects of attracting your dream partner: • You will learn practical ways to work with your energy to be a positive contribution and magnetically attractive to the people around you. • You will learn how to exude natural confidence and subtly highlight your best qualities by developing your own personal style. • You will learn how to use your clothing as a tool to present your most attractive self in dating and beyond. • You will uncover potential red flags in your appearance, energy, body language and communication that your date may be picking up on. • You will get expert tips on how to improve these skills in order to build attraction with the opposite sex in dating and social settings. Get ready to transform your dating life and attract your dream partner in 2019!

  • Maximizing Confidence in Your Health, Style & Image

    Romio.com headquarters

    *** EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED *** PLEASE MESSAGE ORGANIZER FOR A COMPLIMENTARY 1 ON 1 SESSION WITH HOSTS *** THANK YOU *** Hi Guys! Take a look at all the details for this upcoming event. I won't personally be able to attend, however, two consultants I know are hosting it and I figured I would share it with our group since it's all about confidence! Check out all the details below in case you are interested: ••• ALL EVENT DETAILS ••• Want to feel more confident? Here's The SECRET... It is a combination of targeted inner work and transforming your outer appearance to enhance the inner YOU. In this 2 hr workshop you'll learn how to: --> Dress for your image (to get that promotion or land that date) --> Optimize your fitness and nutrition to enhance results and lose weight --> Increase your daily energy and exude that confident "glow" You'll also learn: --> The #1 mistake most people make when choosing what to wear each day --> The 3 step path to mastering personal accountability --> Our #1 expert tips on how to look and feel more confident while still being true to your authentic self ••• PRICE ••• Tickets: $25 At Door: $40 To book please send a message to Tavia Sharp at [masked]. ••• ABOUT THE HOSTS ••• Tavia Sharp is personal stylist & dating coach and Founder of Styled Sharp. I know what women find attractive—or not—and I've been helping men dress their best for years. As "your style wing woman", I'm bringing my coaching and fashion skills together to help more men get dateable. It all starts with a killer first impression! www.styledsharp.com Casey Renee Rogers is a wellness & accountability coach. With nearly a decade of industry experience, Casey is the founder and head coach of Health on the Rocks, which overs customized coaching programs to busy professionals and parents looking to empower their lives through fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, and accountability. www.healthontherocks.com

  • Conversation Confidence: How to Never Run Out Of Things to Say

    When having conversations, whether it's in a romantic, social or business setting, we sometimes get stumped and we don't know what to say next. During this seminar we will go over the necessary skill sets to have a conversation that can last for hours. If you've ever had a problem running out of things to say, you want to be at this seminar.

  • Successful Polyamory : A Guide to Creating Open Relationships That Work!

    It's time to live a LIMITLESS life in the realm of RELATIONSHIPS!!! Have you EVER wanted to CREATE an OPEN RELATIONSHIP with a partner, but weren't EXACTLY sure how to do it? Did you think they might get upset? ~~~ Or break up with you? ~~~ Or think that you didn't love them? ~~~ Creating an OPEN RELATIONSHIP can be super simple! If it's done in the right way. Although having these types of conversations with your partner can seem SCARY and even completely INTIMIDATING at first, once you get past your fears -- and have the KEY CONVERSATIONS we will discuss during this seminar -- you'll be blown away at how ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE an OPEN RELATIONSHIP can be! This lecture will be held over the summer for $295. You can attend this lecture for FREE this Sunday! (With a $20 minimum donation to cover room costs.) Spaces are extremely limited so RSVP Now! There's only 10 spots available! We will also be going over the THREE FUNDAMENTALS of what makes any relationship incredibly amazing!Concepts that will be the FOUNDATION of your OPEN RELATIONSHIPS and that carry over to your EXCLUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS as well! To maximizeyour relationships all across the board!!! This is an incredibly interesting topic that will have a massive positive impact on you if you're someone that wants to have absolutely AMAZING, INCREDIBLE and HONEST relationships!! And ESPECIALLY if you're someone that's wants to KNOW how to create a MIND-BLOWING OPEN RELATIONSHIP -- 100% Guilt Free!!! ; ) It's a lecture that you WON'T WANT TO MISS and that will CANGE the way you see RELATIONSHIPS and WHAT'S POSSIBLE, forever! See you there ; ) - Mike Guerrieri Dating, Life & Relationship Coach www.StyleCoachNYC.com (http://www.stylecoachnyc.com/)

  • The 5 Love Languages - The Secret Formula to Loving Relationships That Last!

    The secret to having a loving, long-lasting relationship starts with understanding that everyone sends and receives love differently! During this Meetup... we will be going over a detailed explanation of The 5 Love Languages as outlined in Gary Chapman's Book -- "The 5 Love Languages". The 5 Languages are: - Words of Affirmation - Quality Time - Acts of Service - Gift Giving - Physical Touch During the meetup -- not only will we discuss each of the love languages in a general sense -- we will go into specific detail of how to use a particular love language if that is the love language of your partner. As an added bonus, you will also discover what YOUR LOVE LANGUAGES are! All of a sudden -- it will make sense! How to save a failing relationship and how to build stronger relationships in the future ~ It all starts here! RSVP now and bring a friend! See you at the event! - Mike Guerrieri Inspirational Dating, Fashion & Relationship Coach http://www.StyleCoachNYC.com (The event will be FREE -- I request a $20 Donation to help cover room costs.)

  • Attracting Your Perfect Partner - Breakthrough Seminar

    Ripley Grier Studios

    Hey guys! I want to invite you to "Attracting Your Perfect Partner"! Everyone wants the relationship of their dreams in their life -- The question is: How do you attract that kind of relationship into your life? (Especially since Valentine's Day is around the corner, I'm sure this is a question you have in mind.) During this breakthrough seminar, we'll be doing an exercise that will bring you massive clarity towards who your partner would be and what they would look like. Then we'll go over the facts and proven strategies to attract the exact kind of partner you want into your life! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHXV9GqpCv4&feature=youtu.be My clients normally pay me hundreds of dollars for this information. This seminar won't be hundreds of dollars, not even $100. I'm giving out this critical information for $27! I know, you're welcome ; ) - Purchase Tickets Here ($27) - (http://www.eventbrite.com/e/attracting-your-perfect-partner-breakthrough-seminar-tickets-21020314326) Get ready to have your mind blown of how simple it can be to attract your perfect partner! See you there! Attracting Your Perfect Partner - Breakthrough Seminar Sunday, January 31st - 3:00pm 520 8th Avenue, Room 10F - Purchase Tickets Here ($27) - (http://www.eventbrite.com/e/attracting-your-perfect-partner-breakthrough-seminar-tickets-21020314326) Bring a pen and pencil to take notes! See you guys tomorrow~ - Mike Guerrieri Dating, Fashion & Life Coach http://www.StyleCoachNYC.com

  • Creating a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams - Introduction to the Landmark Forum

    As the organizer for Becoming Limitless, my primary objective is to give YOU ACCESS to CREATING a LIFE Beyond Your Wildest Dreams! If you are the type of person who wants to be capable of creating ANYTHING that you want in your life... from the relationship of your dreams, to the job of your dreams, to the family life of your dreams or virtually anything else... you want to be at this introduction! At this introduction you will be getting a taste of what is covered in the extraordinary 3 and a half day personal-development seminar that is The Landmark Forum. You will have the opportunity toparticipate in a breakthrough Possibility Exercise. (So bring an area of life you want to work on!! ;) And you will have the opportunity to register for the Landmark Forum! The introduction is completely FREE and will be valuable to you regardless whether you choose to do the full program or not! The full program costs $665 in NYC and is by far THE best valued self-development program which I have ever participated in thus far! (Bring your calendars!) This is where I realized that a life beyond your wildest dreams IS POSSIBLE! Would love to see you there and as always you're welcome to bring your friends as well! - Mike Guerrieri www.StyleCoachNYC.com Disclaimer: I don't gain any kind of financial benefit if you come to this introduction or register for any of their programs. The benefit I get is that I see you living a life closer to the life of your dreams, and THAT's what gets me going!! ;)

  • Fashion System (for Men) - How to Look Your Best, Wherever You Go!

    Anyone who is living the life of their dreams has an energy about them where it's almost as if they're glowing and they look fantastic! Ever wanted to know how you can put together an outfit that looks absolutely stunning? During this Free Fashion Outing I will be sharing with you my proven systemto put an outfit together to ensure that it looks amazing! This Fashion Outing will be targeted to men's clothing, and you can just as easily apply the system if you're a woman. I've created a separate meetup group specifically for men that want to look and feel amazing and present the best versions of themselves wherever they go! If you're interested, check it out: New Meetup Group: Dress Like a Gentleman - NYC! (http://www.meetup.com/Dress-Like-a-Gentleman-NYC/) All the best, - Mike Guerrieri Inspirational Fashion, Dating & Life Coach http://www.StyleCoachNYC.com

  • Mastering Social Intelligence: Giving you the Easy Pass through Life

    During this meetup... we will be going through the main qualities of Socially Intelligent People. Being Socially Intelligent makes a huge difference in everything from social situations to your dating life to your business or job. People love others who are socially intelligent for seemingly no reason. It's almost hard to put your finger on it. "Why does everyone love Sam? What does she have that other people don't have? She gets along with everyone, she always gets invited to parties and everyone likes her. Even the boss, who doesn't like anyone!" This is what we will be going through during this seminar. Join us and bring a friend. See all of you soon! Suggested Donation: $10 - $20