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We encourage you to be an action taker, we empower you to start your life's goals NOW and we equip you with the tools to live a better life. We teach & discuss interesting topics on work ethic, how your mental state can influence your productivity and developing a strong spiritual growth.

We encourage everyone to join this group because we all need some motivation. There is aways a higher level to reach; life is not about reaching a destination of mediocrity or amateurism. These people are usually left behind and forgotten by society as their dreams and passions die with them. Conversely, Life is about striving to be a better and improved person than you were yesterday and unfortunately this journey never ends.

We are a very active group and we constantly arrange meet-ups and seminars. Our primary focus is on improving individual lives and less interested in building a commercial brand. Our success comes from seeing our group members achieve a successful living in the area of health, wealth, relationships and spirituality. We motivate our group members on all subject matters which affect individual lives. We inspire our group members to move to that next level up. Our group members understand that there is nothing they can't achieve, as long as they have a visual picture of their goal in their minds-eye, develop a strong belief in their ability to achieve and take action towards their goal ALL things are attainable by anyone who chooses to belief.

Our group members have a core confidence in their ability to take consistent action which results in consistent successful results. This is the only way to remain at the top for a prolonged amount of time. We can guarantee that when you click that button to join our group and take action to attend our meet-ups & seminars, you will experience extraordinary growth in your life skills, mental strength, personal development, business and leadership, family & relationships and health & fitness.



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Cracking the Online Code: The Secrets of to Master Online Influence-5 spots left

Details Description Please Notice We have lot of people coming from other Meet up & We have Limited Tickets. Please click the link to book your tickets:- https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/cracking-the-online-code-the-secrets-of-to-master-online-influence-tickets-55445625358?aff=mmsfeb&afu=262874962403 The ultimate one day summit for men teaching you the tools and techniques to supercharge your online communication skills and confidence, both online and offline for your personal and professional lives. In this special one day event brought to you by "Modern Man Summit" we have 3 amazing speakers. It runs from 12:00 - 6pm and drinks and networking afterwards. The talks we have for you are: The shocking truth about social media profiles and what they say about you - by Matt Kendall We are awash with social media platforms, from Instagram to Facebook and LinkedIn to YouTube. They all have things in common, they tell other people who you are, what to think about you, how to treat you and if they want to invest their time or money in you. It doesn’t matter if you are working for a large corporation or a small business, social media is now an integral part of our everyday life. Everyone is now their own brand, so what picture do people form of you when researching your output. In this talk you will learn: The most common mistakes people make on social media How to design a career boosting LinkedIn profile How to automate and systemise your content output How to create a strong online brand How to leverage the strengths of your profiles for social influence You are constantly being researched by potential employers, clients, partners and investors. This talk will show you how to make sure you make an excellent impression online. Your social media alone might not get you the job, the date or the investment, but it can certainly lose you it. Online Profile System - Creating The Ultimate Online Profile by Ollie Pearce In the modern day, the first impression isn't formed face to face, but online, days or weeks before the first encounter ever takes place. On top of that more and more communication is first being conducted or initiated online. In such an age, having a powerful, well presented profile across all mediums is the best way to ensure success in dating, business and life! It may seem daunting to think of putting a profile like that together, and to have the confidence that it will separate itself from all the noise, but in this talk you will learn: The top reasons 90% of online profiles fail to be engaging, and what you can do to instantly improve yours Tips from a professional male model on taking and composing great photo's, including how to have a killer smile every time How to write an awesome bio that demonstrates your humour, personality and achievements without looking like you are showing off A definitive guide to sending messages on dating sites that get you noticed for all the right reasons - watch your response rate skyrocket! How To Handle The Internet by Alex MacLellan The Internet is a hugely important part of our every day lives. We use it for work, to travel, to learn and to meet people. A huge part of ‘who we are’ has become our online persona. We can obsess about being more confident in our every day lives, yet this is often manifested in our behaviours online. In this l talk you will learn: The problem with current views of happiness and confidence Where we draw confidence from, and how to find out what will give us confidence (every person is unique) How to handle addictions to social media and porn (amongst others) Three techniques to build your confidence By the end of this talk you will have a step by step plan to become more confident, know how to spot and stop unhealthy online habits and make real, positive change in your real life, not just your online one. The Speakers Matt Kendall

How to end self sabotage-From Fear & Phobias to Freedom-Remove Negative Blocks

WE HAVE 2 AMAZING SPEAKERS THIS TIME -LIMITED TICKETS. You have plans, dreams and desires, but somehow, no matter how hard you try to get to where you want to go in life, something seems to be holding you back… if you are totally honest with yourself, you feel like your stress, worries, or anxiety keep getting in the way of things. Perhaps you have even wondered if it’s self sabotage... Please Notice We have lot of people coming from other Meet up & We have Limited Tickets. Tickets online -8 pound and on door 15 pound if any Left. Please Click the Link to book- https://bit.ly/2KCnmHp Do you find that you keep: •Repeating old patterns, and experiencing the same cycles? •Start a plan or life project and then things just seem to fall apart for you? •Feel like you keep starting over (and over again)? we tend to be impatient, and lost in the past or in the future instead of being present. We also tend to resist or react to things by denying, commenting, or judging them rather than being receptive and trying to understand them. This reaction creates more stress. Have you ever wanted to go from fear to total confidence, but you just find that something is stopping you? In this two hour talk, Harley Street therapist, Christopher Paul Jones AND Nick Davis will give you the life changing ‘mind tools’ that will help you understand how and why fear is stopping you, and give you the power to do something about it. Once you understand your fear, you will then be able to remove it. Christopher will teach you not only how to break through it, he will also equip you with the ‘take home tools’ that will allow you to really build your confidence, and totally change your mindset. Christopher is a Harley Street therapist and an internationally acclaimed expert in dealing with fears, phobias, stress and anxiety. Christopher combines his expertise and experience, with a deep, personal mission, and passion, that is to empower as many people as humanly possible. Having tackled his own phobias and anxiety, Christopher knows that it really is possible to live a life that is based around freedom. Christopher works with a global client base, including actors, models, musicians, presenters and celebrities. His expertise has been requested by TV & Radio and press he has been consulted/featured on the BBC TV, GQ, Grazia, Mail online and many more. Watch Christopher Cure a phobia on the BBC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZApM20mQcY&list=PL81wY21FMritILysyuY32N-sZQ3GDbkT0 You can find out more about Christopher by visiting www.christopherpauljones.net ABOUT NICK DAVIS- Read New Article how Nick Davis Help Former heroin addict reveals the bizarre way she overcame her crippling addiction. Click the Link to read - http://vt.co/lifestyle/health/former-heroin-addict-reveals-the-bizarre-way-she-overcame-her-crippling-addiction/ Testimonials “Since seeing Christopher, I can honestly say he has changed my life. My anxiety levels have been substantially reduced and I now have so many new thinking techniques that I use daily. I would encourage everyone to see Christopher because he has transformed my life.” Poppy Jamie – TV Presenter “Chris is always there when I need help, his methods have had a positive effect on my wellbeing.” Suki Waterhouse – Model, Actress, Celebrity I just want to take a couple of minutes to tell everybody your programme rocks and if you get the opportunity to check out Christopher then make it happen.” Joseph McClendon III – Motivational Speaker and #1 Coach for Tony Robbins “I used to be terrified of turbulence when flying, then I worked with Christopher and now I get so happy when there might be turbulence, I actually look forward to it. ” Arezoo Kaviani – Celebrity Beauty Therapist Tickets online -8 pound and on door 15 pound if any Left. Please Click the Link to book- https://bit.ly/2KCnmHp Look Forward to Meet you guys soon. Best Christopher

Pitch & Present Workshops-How to pitch authentically-StoryTelling-LimitedTicket

Details Pitch & Present Workshops- We have lot of people coming from other Meetup & we have Limited Tickets. “A pitch is the contents of your business storybook.” Come for a practical fun workshops run by Carl Petrou to explore the skills for pitching and presenting with others. Tickets: £15 online,£25 on the door if any left (includes workshop, drinks) Click the Link to book - https://bit.ly/2I5L96q No matter if you work for yourself, run a team or even part of a wider team, practicing and enhancing your skills on how to pitch and present under any condition is vital for your own business and personal success. March Workshop Meet-up - "Pitch & Present Your Story" Learn how to pitch authentically Find out how to tell the story of your business passionately in 60 seconds Meet others to network and get feedback Drill down to your intention and who will be your valuable & profitable community Experiment with what you’ve just learnt Details Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm Location: WeWork Bishopsgate Tickets: £15 online, £25 on the door (includes workshop, drinks & VAT) About Carl Petrou From a successful health platform as Wellbeing In the City, to running CoderDojo coding clubs for kids, he has a longstanding background in the entrepreneurial space & has been noted as TechCity Insider’s Top 100 Start-up Entrepreneurs. Carl has both raised funds for his own companies along with mentoring many more on the strategy and techniques of pitching, selling and speaking internationally. About Bradley Cooper Bradley is an international dynamic performer. From Opera to Crossover, Early Music to Romantic and Modern - he has played to packed audiences across the Global including Europe, America and Australia. Opera is about voice projection, control and performance. Bradley will run workshops to show you how to command your audience, add some subtle undertones in your sales pitch and ensure you’re always heard - no matter if you’re pitching and presenting 1 or 1,000s! About Annik Petrou Founder of Speakers Express, Annik has over 30 years experience of being scared of speaking. She has turned this fear into a love of pitching and presenting her own company along with helping thousands of entrepreneurs to do the same. Annik will run fun and practical workshops so you can gain the skills and practice to successfully pitch for investment and funding, gain the confidence to push your business from home office to the stage and even how to create a Keynote presentation for the TEDx stages and beyond. All our Workshop Meet-up evenings are Practical Run in a safe and fun environment Supports you to develop and to meet like minded individuals Other Workshop Meet-ups we have coming up are Which Pitch structure to Pitch The Pitching Canvas The Valuable Skills needed for Presenting The Story of Storytelling Pitch to Sell Tickets: £15 online,£25 on the door if any left (includes workshop, drinks) Click the Link to book - https://bit.ly/2I5L96q

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