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SEO, Naughty Blackhats Taking the Money

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Blackhat is bad in SEO terms, it can kill your business, brand and website overnight if you get caught. In fact it shouldn’t be ‘if’ but ‘when’ you get caught!

It’s cheap, it’s nasty and sometimes it’s damn right rude.

But some website owners are making an absolute killing out of Blackhat and they stay in business for a very long time. A lot of the well-known brands still play in the naughty world of Internet marketing but the truth is you simply don’t know about it. Companies make a lot of money out of the term ‘rank and tank’…. You may think that Blackhat is about flooding the Internet with spam, but quite frankly some of it is genius although it will destroy your company when you get caught.

This talk will cover:

• How Blackhat is more than just a few spammy links

• You may already be Blackhat, you just don’t know it

• How you can rank nearly anything within a very short time period

• How affiliates are taking your sales

• Amazon & eBay are even in on it

• Social Blackhats – lots of them

Daniel Somers runs and owns SEOmers, a digital marketing company that supports business owners to understand more about their websites performance. Daniel was approached by no less than 5 websites in 2015 to have Google penalties removed; one of those websites had two penalties! One of the sites had to be shut down and the owner had to rebuild his brand and website completely, it was the cheaper option!

Daniel has a co-ownership of an affiliate network that’s based in America. He’s also worked for Award winning digital agencies and leading car insurance websites.

He’s seen nearly every trick in the book when it comes to Blackhat Marketing. He’d like to say he’s seen them all, but more ideas and scandals keep coming through…