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In this group we can share our personal paranormal experiences with one another.We can plan to visit well-known local haunted places.We can plan to do paranormal investigations at new haunted sites that we are made aware of.Anyone over 18 who has a genuine interest in the paranormal can join this group.We invite psychics and mediums to join our group and help us with our investigations. We will show all members of our group what equipment is needed for doing paranormal investigations and we will train them on how to properly use the equipment.You can use this training to hunt ghosts with your friends if you wish to do so.We are a serious and legitimate paranormal research and investigations group that has all the equipment needed to do complete and thorough investigations.We have the latest scientific equipment that is being used in investigations.We have a complete night vision surveillance system,thermal cameras,infrared cameras,the ovilus,ghostboxes,the latest and best emf meters,infrared thermometers and numerous other pieces of equipment.We are a open and accommodating group that is willing to share ideas with other ghost hunting groups.

I organized this group for those who believe that ghosts exist and that their existence can be captured on voice recorders,cameras,camcorders,and other types of equipment.

This group is not for those that think that ghosts don't exist.There are meetup groups for ghost deniers and paranormal deniers.This group is not one of those.

Please come to one of our meetings if you want to share your paranormal experiences with others and to hear about their paranormal experiences,also.

Please click on the pages link to find out more about this group.Thanks.Elliott Davis

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