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Our goal is to advance trust, democracy, accountability, transparency, and innovation through distributed technologies and services for businesses and individuals alike in the Central Florida community. The time is now to filter out the predatory entities that are holding back progress in this space. We aim to bring people together from all walks of life, who are enthusiastic and curious about Blockchain, crypto & tech. We are your community group dedicated to bringing Blockchain cryptocurrency technology to Central Florida and beyond.

We will help everyday people understand the new radical decentralization movement from Bitcoin, Ethereum and IOTA, as well as centralized competition like Ripple. Know how to get cryptocurrencies, how to trade them, and where Blockchain technology could be evolving towards in the near future.

Our monthly meetups are a fun and exciting atmosphere for networking and learning about decentralized tech. We bring the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conversation... you bring an open mind. We are looking forward to meeting all of you! Cheers.

- SB

Website (https://www.sunblockcfl.com/)

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Twitter (https://twitter.com/Crypt0Coop)

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Blockchain Crypto Mixer

Novelty at 101

How Blockchain/Bitcoin/Alts are Changing the World.

Novelty at 101

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