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What we’re about

Greetings! Calling all sunrise and intuitive movement enthusiasts! Waking up for sunrise is one of the best ways to start the day. I am feeling called to share my practice of dancing at dawn and then sitting in silence once the sun rises above the horizon. The waves of gratitude and grandeur flow through me and I give thanks for another day. I have created Sunrise Silent Disco playlists that I will share to all who gather.

WHEN: Tuesday and Thursday mornings in two different locations I will be holding space for approximately 30 mins. 15 mins before sunrise and 15 mins after.

SILENT DISCO (15 mins): Once you arrive I will share the playlist with you and you will put on your headphones/ear buds and dance for about 15 mins. Dancing is the time to find freedom and intuitive movements in your body. Creating shapes big and small, primal and lyrical. Once the sun rises above the horizon we will cheer and clap and celebrate.

SUNRISE: The morning sun is actually incredibly important because it’s saturated in infrared and blue light. It stimulates collagen, increases bone healing and heals wounds. The sun is also a natural Source of Vitamin D. In humans Vitamin D changes to calcium in the body which encourages the hormone endorphin production. Endorphins are a 'feel good' hormone which causes happiness and satisfaction helping to prevent depression.

SILENT MEDITATION (10 mins): Once the sun rises everyone will take off their headphones and we will sit in silence for about 10 mins to honor the sun and receive the healing benefits.

COMMUNITY (5 mins): We will have about 5 mins of sharing your experience and meeting new sunrise friends. You are welcome to stay longer and enjoy some hiking/ running/ walking in the area of Mohonk Preserve and The Walk Way Over The Hudson.

This is a wonderful opportunity if you are wanting to start a meditation practice because there is power in a collective group. If you already have a solid meditation practice this is perfect for you too! The Silent disco music songs will vary from tribal to EDM to Acoustic to 80's hits.

-Spotify to access playlist
-Meditation seat or cushion
-Weather appropriate wardrobe