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Reiki I First Degree Practitioner Certification Course - Dallas

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Price: $65.00 /per person

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Course Date/Time:

Sunday, April 22, 10:30 am - 6:30 pm

Course Cost: $165 (Manual/course materials included. $65 deposit, balance of $100 due on or before the first day of class.)

Instructor: Kerry Lexington, M.F.A.

**No prerequisite - All are welcome!

*If you would prefer to pay cash for your tuition, please contact me directly at

What you will learn:

What is Reiki and what does it mean?
The word Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is a multi-level, cellular, hands on healing modality utilized for stress reduction and pain management. Reiki can stabilize a person’s vital signs and relax them to the level of being open to healing. The certified practitioner supports this process by acting as a channel and allowing this spiritually guided life force energy to pass through them to their client.

How does Reiki promote health?
Reiki helps to relieve any blockages in the energy pathways within the physical, emotional, and spiritual body allowing the body to heal itself. It cleanses the meridians, balances the chakras, and clears the field around us to achieve a harmonious flow within all systems. Reiki frees us from the dis-ease process. It allows the individual to grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually by assisting the individual to recognize and release old energy patterns and restrictions that do not serve them anymore. No matter where the individual is at in their life, Reiki will harmonize with them and enhance their divine nature.

In First Degree Reiki the student will learn the hand positions, traditional Japanese exercises and techniques, and receive the permanent attunement to the Reiki Rei from a certified Reiki Master Teacher. During this attunement the Rei or Universal Life Force Energy will make adjustments in the student’s chakras and energy pathways to accommodate the ability to channel Reiki for the healing of themselves and others. By simply placing their hands on another and opening the heart, one automatically brings in the energy.

About your instructor:

Kerry Lexington, M.F.A., is a Registered Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner with the International Association of Reiki Professionals. She has a variety of certifications, belongs to several associations, and is a member of various esteemed institutions both in the healing arts and in the creative arts. Kerry has over 15 years education and experience as a healer, spiritual and creative arts coach and counselor, and as a reader. You can read more about Kerry's certifications here: (