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You’ve worked hard throughout your career, garnering expertise, experience, and accolades along the way. Now you’re at a crossroads. You’re seeking a deeper connection to your work, or you're itching to try something else, or perhaps you’d like to give back in some way. You’re considering a second (or third) act, but don’t know exactly what you feel passionate about or where to start.

Begin here. The Personal Brand workshop will enable you to discover your unique purpose and offer to the world. Grounded in rigorous brand strategy meets design thinking methodology, Personal Brand workshop is a highly creative, intensely engaging experience that reveals your core personal values, beliefs, and purpose.

How it works: You will select 12 images you feel most represents who you are. Working in pairs, you’ll tell the story of each image and why you selected it. Key themes begin to emerge in your personal narrative. You'll then synthesize the images and themes with greater insight.

Using these elements as a foundation, you will create your own personal statement and offer it to the world. Your personal statement is a blueprint that integrates your values and beliefs (what you love and feel most passionate about) with what the world needs. This becomes your core offer and informs the strategy you can use in executing your career pivot.

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