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What we’re about

Gorgeous, sweet and lovely ladiesssssss:

This community exists to help you overcome the challenges of trying to "do it all". 

I personally spent years in overwhelm and couldn't seem to escape comparing myself to other women. I found myself complaining almost all of the time. It was so freeing to finally stop these patterns and create new supportive thoughts and actions.

This group offers what I wish I had - a supportive, safe group to women to be present and grow with. 

We have casual meetings where we:

- bond with women who have have similar goals and challenges 

- share dreams and visions

- discuss challenges in a supportive space

- brainstorm and share ideas

- generate realistic and do-able action steps

- learn new supportive habits

- create accountability

- laugh

- have fun!

Life is much better together, so that's why I'm inviting you to join this group. I want you to feel supported so that your important ambitions become a reality! And to have fun doing it :-)

More than ever - during this pandemic - it is essential to find yourself part of something beyond yourself; something bigger than your apartment or house. This group offers a safe community of women - you are not alone and do not need to be alone. 

Before you join, please note that we have community guidelines which must be respected:

Community Guidelines:

- no unsolicited advice (replace with active listening and asking the person how they would like to be supported)

- honour people's requests

- this is a "should" free space - we agree not to tell other members what they "should" do

- your camera must be on during the call - you cannot attend the call with with your camera off

- please press the "raise hand" button prior to speaking

- please share in a way that adds to the community in a meaningful way (this is not a place to complain and offload personal problems)

- be conscientious of your share times: if your share reaches 4-5 minutes I will kindly ask you to let others respond or speak. 

Much love and see you soon!


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ps: Most meetups are on zoom with the exception of occasional in-person meetings in Montreal

This is a free and by-donation community. Your donations are what enable this initiative to continue. If you find value in this community you can donate here:

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