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How to Attract Your Ideal Candidate in Times of the Great Resignation

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How to Attract Your Ideal Candidate in Times of the Great Resignation


How to Attract Your Ideal Candidate Virtual Lunch and Learn

We have all heard that we are going through a great resignation in the workforce. I recently heard someone call it the great re-evaluation, and employees are re-evaluating their jobs. They are looking at how they can continue to grow within their career and looking for professional development opportunities. They want to know that their work matters and contributes to the organization. The past two years of the pandemic have caused a massive and global shift, prompting the workforce, individually, to look at what matters and how to feel fulfilled in their careers and livelihood, as well as quality of life and loyalty from their employer.

They want a workplace culture that embraces flexibility, that values their opinions, that sees them as an individual who matters, and that takes on a more wholistic approach.

It all starts with you, as a leader or as a talent development professional, to re-evaluate your company workplace culture: is it supporting the new needs of your employees? Are you leaning into what your employees want so that your top talented employees stay and tell their friends they work for a great company?

This is a great complement to our "How to Retain Your High Valued Employees" workshop and both are a great foundation for our "Building a Thriving Culture" workshop.

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How to Attract Your Ideal Candidate Lunch and Learn
Tuesday, October 18, 2022
11:00 am - 12:00 pm MT
Location: Zoom

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Supporting Managers & Leaders in Business
Supporting Managers & Leaders in Business
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