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What we’re about

This group is for teaching and learning physical and energetic health arts including Qi Gong, Ba Gua and Meditation. These arts teach people how they can help themselves to heal, gain personal power, attain physical relaxation and develop awareness and peace within themselves using body movement and the mind.

Ba Gua is a challenging and invigorating art which involves walking in a circle. Originally developed in China as a form of moving meditation, it has been practiced there for thousands of years for health maintenance as well, which is our focus. In the late 1800's it also became known as a highly effective martial art.

Chi Gung involves work with the finer energies of the body. This is achieved by means of movement, standing, stretching and softening, the regulation of breath and many other methods designed to enhance the sensitivity of the practitioner so that the natural flow of chi [life force] can be felt and where necessary used to promote healing, well being, improved function in athletics, martial arts, meditation or any of life's pursuits, be they for pleasure or spiritual growth.